Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heading To SCARBOROUGH (Perth)

We was desperately starving.. Need food immediately ;-p

But we planned to find food somewhere near by the area where we were staying.. SCARBOROUGH, beach side. Unfortunately it was too early and all shops are still closed. T_T

Rendezvous hotel.. just infront of our apartment.

Some shops.. unfortunately was closed..

All sea view.. ^_^ and cold!!!

Plaka on the beach restaurant
At last we spotted 1 restaurant was opened.. Hurray!!!!!!! We don't care what we gonna have.. we're going in! grrrrrr.....

Plaka on the beach restaurant

Plaka on the beach restaurant
Some scenery near by.. ;-p.

This town very quiet.. Can't see anybody walking around.. well it was like 7am?? May be everyone was still sleeping??(Friday Morning)

Plaka on the beach restaurant
Order some food..

Plaka on the beach restaurant
My 1st drink in Perth.. Coffee.. I am not a fan of any coffees.. but to stay alive in a freaking cold country.. I have to have coffee... rather than hot water.. ;-p

Plaka on the beach restaurant
My hubby bfast that day.. Huge portion!!!

Plaka on the beach restaurant
.. and my 1st food in Perth.. ;-p (Note: expenses very high here ;-p.. seems our RM currency drop so much.. T_T). This cost me like AUD6?? Means RM18 (@#$&*)..

Plaka on the beach restaurant
Me and my boy having the same food.. (RM36.. T_T, only the food not included my drink yet)

Sunmoon resort
What ever it is.. deal with it.. you want to go for travel?? That's what we need to pay for. Done with the bfast.. heading to our apartment. It was just few minutes away from the restaurant..

Our apartment address:
Sunmoon Budget Resort
200 West Coast Hwy
Scarborough WA 6019, Australia
(08) 9341 2133

We paid AUD900++ (For 5 days and 4 nights)

But this was booked online and through agency online (Discover West Holiday). We get a discount vouchers by making a reservation from this agency and they have a free tour too (Unfortunately we did not used it.. time too limited.. we prefer to travel by ourselves)

You can make direct booking to the resort. But I am not sure what the rates like. You have to do some homework there.. ;-p

There are many more places you can choose (Will try to add some address that I saw from brochures in 1 post soon)

Sunmoon resort
The entrance..

Sunmoon resort
Parking area.. just infront of the resort.. ^_^

Our apartment location from Perth City. The airport is somewhere near by Perth city. (20mins drive to our apartment).

Will make a review on our apartment after this ^_^ (As usual).


Ken Wooi said...

nice place..
and the hotdog is really long! =)


Reanaclaire said...

hey, next time i must get more info from u...900 is around rm2700 divide by 4 nites.. 600rm per night and if shared among a few.. ok lar..hahaha.. let me see..what is in store tomorrow here.. :)

CathJ said...

No prob.. claire.. I will always give a helping hand if I could k.. ^_^

Cindy Khor said...

the food is really quite expensive to be honest. but certainly a huge portion. your picture make me wanna have some hotdog for dinner :P

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

begitu lah bah kalau travel semua pun expensive. anyway, cantik juga oh.

Mummy Gwen said...

The exchange rates are killing us..haha. Perth is so cold huh. Thanks for the traveling tips..hehe.

CathJ said...

Yes mummy Gwen.. it's winter season now..