Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Best Moment at Avon Valley

Still at Day 3 (29.9.09)

This is my most favourite moment of all.. Along the journey, I was quite sleepy but I am holding on coz I don't want to missed out any beautiful scenery.. This is the best part if we are doing our own tour.. ^_^

We are reaching Avon Valley.. Ow... a must see place!! I love the sky.. the green field and the trees!!! Sometimes you will only see the blue sky and the green grass field.. and no trees.. It's like only the sky and the earth.. Nothing was created yet (you get me?) NVM...


After a while, I start to see yellow field.. I was quite shock.. It was not only at 1 area... but It was like all over the place (Like I mentioned before... The yellow field sized bigger than KL city area!!)...

I ask my hubby to drive slowly..

Ow... Flowers!! I did my homework (That night) before we start our journey on the next day.. and I did saw something mentioning about wild flower all along the road. I thought it was like a certain area only..

But.. OMG!!! This is like... an ocean of yellow flowers!!!!!!!!!

Everlasting flower, Avon Valley
I'm in heaven... (At this moment... I really Thanking God for creating such beautiful view)

and at this moment too... I really can't stop my feelings to stopped and take some picture!!


Everlasting flower, Avon Valley
My hubby said... Go inside.. and I went a bit... than he said again... lying down pose... When I about to do that... I noticed that place was full with thousands of bees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeez!!!! I quickly take photo and get out from there!!!

This flowers called 'Everlasting flower'...... Soo many of them.. I am still wondering, what can we produce from this flower??? Why is it they plant it as wide as an ocean?? Or is it just for tourist attraction???

Well I don't care.. This place was beautiful.. and must visit!!!!


All of us (except my boy... who was sleeping)... was in a 'jaw drop' mode.. amazed with all the flowers!!!

Everlasting flower, Avon Valley
This photo can't really express the heavenly feelings of the place.. Oh.. If I have a chance to come to WA in future.... I must visit this place again... (Coz on this journey.. we were such in a hurry...)

This is what I mean of only can see ' sky and earth'.. Only the sky and the ground... Sooo peaceful!!!!!!! and not only a small area... this was a HUGE area.... I really imagining myself lying down on the green grass... with that kind of weather... *drooling*




Everlasting flower, Avon Valley

Awesome! Spectacular!! I mean the view.........


Cindy Khor said...

that's a very lovely sight. reminds me about the sound of music where flowers were blooming everywhere on top of the mountains

vialentino said...

wow...beautiful vallery with the flowers....will be very nice moment for me too

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

macam wild flower pulak. but of course cantik...