Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Passing By Corrigin (Heading to Wave Rock)

*Wowww.... What a long day!! Internet problem since last night until 2pm just now... *Heart attacked* T_T.... Continue my 3rd day journey in Australia.

Day 3 (29.9.09) Perth.

Today I want to share with you about a weird place that I ever been.. After few hours driving, everyone need to go to pee2.. ^_^..

We just stopped by at the nearest town we found. And I saw some banner showing 'Corrigin'.. So I quite sure this place was called Corrigin.

Corrigin, WA
When we step down from the car.. we noticedno people around.. But we don't really bother at the 1st time..

Corrigin, WA
This is the public toilet.. It's like just made for us.. ;-p... Looks like never been used for quite a while but very very clean!! I didn't take any photo bcoz.. need to go out fast.. only 1 room and my MIL was waiting.. ;-p

Corrigin, WA
I went out and saw my FIL and my boy was on the play ground near by.. Now I start to noticed that this place was really2 silent!! Not a single human walking by..

I only can hear my boy voice shouting happily... Suddenly I felt goosebumps all over my body.. Creepy!! ;-p

(Note: If happen any Corrigin's people reading this post.. can you please explain to me?? ^_^.. may be there is a celebration or what.... Just curious.. ;-p)

I saw beautiful wild flower at the playground..

Corrigin, WA

Corrigin, WA
My FIL was curious with this town too.. I start to think about all the 'creepy movies' I watched.. lol..lol.. My hubby start to drive and have a short tour at near by place...

Corrigin, WA
Nope! NO body...

Corrigin, WA

Corrigin, WA
Housing area....??? Nope..... Hellooooooooooo...... *helloooo...helooo....helllo* (Echoing...) Anybody there????..... *there.... there.... there.....* (Echoing.... )...

Hubby say 'Let's get out from here!!!' lol...lol..lol...

I goggled some about Corrigin and get this from a website:

Nestled in the central Wheatbelt and located 235km south-east of Perth, the capital of Western Australia, Corrigin is predominantly a farming community with cropping and sheep its main industries.

Corrigin is a progressive community and pro-active in improving all facets of country living. A great alternative to the city, Corrigin offers all the necessary services and facilities including medical, educational, recreational, economical and social. It is only in the country that you can develop a relationship with the whole community, where everyone knows you and you know them.

Over 1200 proud and friendly locals are keen to welcome all visitors and prospective residents to Corrigin and hope that you will enjoy our town as much as we do.


UmmiRosma said...

The place is so weird betul lah..takkan tak de a single human walking by? I also start thinking about the creepy movies...cannibles lah...alien-dominated place lah...invisib le communities lah... hehe
*silly me*

Anyway,as what has been stated when you googled up tu..mcm tak support ape yang telah you all experienced yea...

Cindy Khor said...

not sure why, foreign countries tends to be quieter. it goes the same as in northern ireland. like people here lives in peace and harmony

Cherish Tulips said...

so seram..reminds of those movies of haunted towns..

Reanaclaire said...

hey, CathJ, remember me commenting on the previous posts that the places u went to, like very deserted? how come ah...no tourists or locals around? funny .. hahha.. yeah, just like in the movies ..

CathJ said...

Claire: The previous 1... is better... still can see human... lol... But for this place... NONE!!!!!!! I thought there were a 'perintah berkurung' because of some decease kah.... turnado is coming kah... people was under the ground... lol..lol... funny thought I have... I event voice it out to my family members... they said 'choi!!!'... lol

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Maybe ghost town :)