Sunday, September 6, 2009

Scarborough Beach , WA Perth

Day 2 (28th Aug 09) at Perth.

I woke up this morning.. I mean that morning.. it was raining (As expected by the weather forecast). I am quite sad.. but it changed when the rain stopped.. hoorayyy!!

I open the balcony door, I was greeted by a beautiful rainbow.. Oh yess!... this will be a promised that I'm gonna have a good weather today (Finger cross.. ^_^)

Rainbow at Surborough Beach,Perth

Day 2, we suggested to go to FREMANTLE town.. We really2 hopping there is no raining today.. But the wind was soo strong and freezing!!! (>_<)

Surborough Beach,Perth
We choose to take the beach way heading to Fremantle.. So I can take few photos of the beautiful beaches.. ^_^

Surborough Beach,Perth

Surborough Beach,Perth

Surborough Beach,Perth
Saw a sign board at 1 of the parking lot.. ;-p

Surborough Beach,Perth

Surborough Beach,Perth

Surborough Beach,Perth
Oh dearr! People surfing on a cold freezing water!!

Surborough Beach,Perth

Surborough Beach,Perth

Our Map tour. From Scarborough (Where we staying) to Fremantle. (Note: The 'paw' sign means.. we've been there ;-p)

Next to Fremantle.. Beautiful town!!


Cindy Khor said...

no sure why, but always the rainbows in foreign countries are always bigger and clearer than malaysia's

UmmiRosma said...

Beautiful scenery...

Cat's puke? *rolling on the floor laughing* Makan je apa yg ada sweetheart. So what did you give your son for makan that nite? Kesian should have brought some breads/cookies along.

CathJ said...

I agree with you Cindy.. I even saw a rainbow really near by the beach!! But didn't managed to stop and take photo.

Ros: Betul... Tak beli biskut. but my son... tak makan bende2 ni... rugi beli... (Lain lah if coklat and ice-cream... mampuiiiii....T_T)

Reanaclaire said...

so beautiful pantai... u really enjoy yourself well, Cath J.. so happy for u.. life is indeed very treasurable, right?

d1n0za said...

I miss Perth! But I really wanna goto Melbourne the next time I'm in Australia. Fremantle has one the best fish n chips!

CathJ said...

Ow.. I am missing Pert too d1noza.. ^_^.. Yes I visit the fish and chips.. will post next time..

Ya.. I will visit Melborne and Sydney too.. 1 at the time... ^_^