Thursday, October 8, 2009

Green...... ^_^

In a mood of talking about my garden.. ^_^.

My garden situation was in a very 'depressed' level already.. I cannot handle the Bamboo plants already. So some advice.. If you planning to plant Bamboo trees somewhere in your garden.. do think over on how you gonna do the clean up later on (Talking about EVERYDAY, Morning and afternoon)..

Bamboo trees dropped their leaves everyday and grow very fast.. It's OK if you have a personal gardener.. ^_^..

Couple days ago we hire workers to dug out ALL the Bamboo trees from our garden.

Too messy.. I am not afford to trimmed all the Bamboo anymore.. White flag.. Surrender.. ;-p

From our Pergola..

Digging work in progress.. This smiling uncle got LOTs of experience in gardening.. by looking at the plants situation he knows the plants lack of water or sun. I take the chance to ask everything while he was around.. ;-p (I learned quite a lot that day... *happy*)

Half way..

My garden need major cleaning.. (Today all this have been cleared... phew!)

We changing the bamboo trees to this trees.. I am not sure what the plants called.. But some called it the 'dragon tree'???? Jeez.. I don't know.. I will post more photo after I done half of my garden 'face lifting' ya.. ;-p

This is the 1st part I did.. Clearing off all the 'jungle' and planted the purple plants and some greens. I choose to plant a small 1.. Love to see them grows.. The purple plant will grow big and we can trimmed it later.

I am not sure what the purple plants name but it was categories as a TOPIARY family. Means a plant that we can decorate by trimming.. something like that.. ;-p

Another burden gone..

Laman magazines
It's time to take out all my old gardening magazines to find ideas.. ^_^. I start planting some flowers on my garden today.. Excited.

I hope it will last longer (Well.. Maintenance comes from the owner tho'.. ;-p).

This book I bought it from my Bro in law when I was staying in Canada for couple of month. Interesting book! It teach us to DIY with step by step instructions. Love it!

I wish to have this path way in my garden.. ^_^.. with flowers on the stepping stone!!

And the book teach from A-Z with step by step instruction..

Another photo my fav..

And some of the instructions with clear picture..

They even teach us how to install our own garden light...

That's all about my gardening now.. Can't wait to continue where I stopped today..


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

u tidak suka to bamboo tree?. eh i suka pulak. sayang oh hehehe.

Masviona said...

nmpk tittle green terus bukak blog nih...hiksss

wow bestnya dpt tanam pokok2 baru....mesti mood lepas nih pun dah bertukar nih

CathJ said...

Masviona... Saje tu.. nak cucuk you sket.. ^_^

SJB: Sukaaaa... tapi malas mau kasih bersih.... boleh gila ohh... hahahhaha

Unknown said...

Wah nie kalau mama Wanie tgk,
comfirm dia suka nie,
sbb mama suka gardening2 nie:)

CathJ said...

Hehehe... Ma kaseh Wanie..