Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Short Vacation

It was a quick decision when we packed our bag and drive to our destination.. It was like discuss today and make a move on the next day. I left all my housework behind and up we go.

We packed 30minutes before make a move ;-p.. and the result.. I forgot to bring extra bra.. and I only have the one that I wore that day.. wakakakakka... Good thing it was only a day vacation.

Previously I discussed with hubby that I wish to have a SPA massage somewhere near by the sea. As you all know it was quite hard to find beaches here in Selangor.. The right word is NONE! Not like KK.. 5 minutes drive and wa-la!! ^_^

I remember the nearest beaches from our home will be Port Dickson (About 2 hrs drive).. So that night I do some homework Google on the net if there is any resort at PD (.. I don't know k??.. Now I know.. ;-p)


I choose Avilion because of their unique stay which was on the sea.. ^_^ (Kalau di KK mcm di kampung air gitu.. ;-p

I look for the massage package and looks interesting.. and the way they present everything on the web was so fascinating..

You can check out their room price on the web. 1st I was asking hubby to take the water chalet. I want to be in the water.. I don't want to stay on the garden site ;-p (Cheaper rate tho').

So we ask the receptionist for Water chalet.. She gave us a map, to show us our chalet location.. and it was facing the beach???? I demand want something facing the sea... ONLY sea.. and she told us that will be the PREMIUM chalet.. *Sigh*... Premium pun premium laaa.... Seems it's only a night so we go for it.. ^_^

Note: Org Government got special discount kalau stay kat sini yer... We are not, so.. deal with it.. T_T (But psst.... hubby know someone there.. ;-p, so we got the government price.. Oopss..)

I like the environment.. Garden was well take care.. The staff are polite.. they greet you where ever you are (Remind me of Club Med ^_^).. Thank you for the great hospitality.. (This is based on my own experience.. so if your experience was totally different from mine.. well you got to deal with their management.. not me.. ;-p)



On the way to our chalet.. some view..


Thank God weather was Good.. I can hear the waves sound already.. Excited!!

This is how the Chalets connected..

It was around 1 something in the afternoon and it was low tide at that time..

I saw white house in the middle.. that must be the SPA house.. *Wink*

And there you goes our chalet.. I will post about the room review soon... ^_^


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Wah nampak aman damai kan hehehe, bestlah.

CathJ said...

I plan mau bawa kamu sini nanti.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

bestnya.... adala ko ambil urut satu badan???

Cindy Khor said...

love your new blog header, very nice... and waiting for your next post

CathJ said...

Thank you Cindy.. I appreciate it.. ^_^

MJ: adoo... tunggu lah nxt story... ;-p

mummysyafie said...

cath, urut satu badan brp? opis aku ada buat program kat sini nx nov..tengok pic macam syok je

CathJ said...

Mummysyafie.. nanti aku habar kan... ya.. sesuai lah if your office nak buat ramai2... I akan bagi contact person and semua info sekali yer... ada discount if SPA party ramai2.. nanti I update.. ^_^