Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Having Spa Massage At AVI Spa

Done with the SBG night event.. I wanted to put all my Avilion PD post.


It's time to go for the SPA. Some of you were asking how do we handled our boy during the SPA moment. I actually planned to bring my boy to be around during the SPA massage. Unfortunately AVI Spa have their R&R.. No kids allowed during any Spa sessions. T_T

They advice to send our boy to the kids cabin where somebody will take care of them while playing.

So we agreed.. Seems my boy is already in play school, I believe my boy will be ok.

On the way to the Kids Cabin..

This was the Kids Cabin..

Outside the cabin.. there are play ground.. Happy moment for my boy. We bring our boy to get used with the place 1st before entering the cabin.


He was happy indeed.. ^_^. It's time and we need to send him inside.

When we enter.. No body was inside except the guidance..

That moment I start to have a heavy heart. Because he don't have any friends. At 1st I worried there will be so many kids and I am worried the guidance not able to handle all.. Sometimes I imagine other kids bit my boy and no 1 see.. So many imagination.. ;-p

But now I saw empty.. I am still worried.. lol.. lol.. MOM... *Sigh*. I worried he will cry because of bored..

But they have cool stuff for kids to play.. PlayStation also available.. o.O


And I am so surprised that the guidance was a GUY!! I will be much calm down if the guidance was a SHE.. ;-p. Looking at the guy appearance (With a tattoo on his arm.. o.O) I start to worried more... Even tho' he was quite friendly..

My hubby saw my worried face.. and he doesn't want me to have a worried mind during my massage.. So he want to pull back from the massage and let me do it alone.. BUT I want him to be with me.. ;-p

My hubby start to 'counseling' me.. He ask me to learn to trust and learn to let go.. Not forever.. It was just for 60minutes..

I just worried the guy run away with my boy.. ;-p.. My hubby convince me.. This is a resort and nothing will happen. Next how if there will be a child harassment??? My hubby look at me with an angry face.. and say OK.. He won't go for the Spa.. let me go alone.. ;-p

My boy seems very happy with the place.. So I trust on GOD for this.. My heart praying hard for his protection. I know I need to learn to let go for a while. So I did..

My boy say 'Good bye mommy ...daddy.. see you later..' *Sigh*..

With a heavy heart we reach AVI spa. My hubby still asking me if I want him to go and look after my boy.. but I say no need..

Before went to the Spa room.. My hubby ask the Spa receptionist how to contact the Kid's Cabin if we want to make sure our boy is ok.. The receptionist know how we feel and she said a lots parent will put their kids there and no problem. She ask us not to worry..

My heart cheer a lil bit.. ^_^

This was our couple room.. Love the smell..

What am I looking at during the massage.. ^_^.. The bed will have a hole to put your face down and this was my view.. ^_^

Lovely arrangement and colour theme..



I like the fan!!! Wish to have that on our house.. ;-p

The massage lady come to us and ask us to undress.. All take out and wear only this...

G-string?? ;-p

I am ready to rejuvenate.. ;-p

More photo soon.. ^_^

Me and hubby taking the whole body massage, from head to toe. I am trying the Avi Signature Rub (Which was the soft massage) and hubby take the Malay healer massage (Medium).

Massage price RM220 perperson (60minutes). Check out their website HERE for all package. They don't pay me for this so I won't elaborate all here.. ;-p


UmmiRosma said...

What a wonderful SPA...
So ape komen your boy about being left in the cabin? Kalo I pun mesti I tak jadi buat..or hubby tak usah SPA..hehehee

Cindy Khor said...

super sexy undies for you to wear, and looks "breathable" too..

i think i would choose the kiddies cabin and play ps3 while waiting for others to do their spa :P

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Under wear bah ampun. Anyway, cantik oh ni tempat kan nampak aman damai lah hehehe.

CathJ said...

Ros : My boy say bye bye mummy ...daddy... o.O

Unknown said...

I love your pictures and it sounds like a wonderful time at the spa. I have heard that some spas are now getting a swim spa to put in their business. I cant imagine how much a swim spa cost to put it inside. Whatever brings in hte business though.