Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last post for Hat Yai..

My last post for my Hat Yai trip.. When looking into all my photos.. Unbelievable I did not take any single photo of Thai temple which actually the trade mark of Thai.. ~.@

More lanterns.. This might be 1 of the sponsor's lantern.. ^_^

Gorilla.. King Kong??

Really feels like in a cartoon movie.. Hehehehe..


Tempted to touch.. but there was a sign board mention.. 'High Voltage'.. ;-p.

That's far.. from North Pole.. ^_^


Oh my.. New year is in few days time!! Can you believe that??? Crap.. another year older!!

Sigh.. Can't resist.. Love to see the Unicorn.. ^_^

Iklan: My son was a sleep when I was preparing this post.. He sing while sleeping (Dreaming).. wakakakaka..

Mermaid.. Wah!.. so real ah the 'nenen' .. ;-p

Under water theme.. Lovely..

Love this 1.. Got pearls! ^_^

Fruits theme..

Rambutan.. Got janggut some more..

Nah last lantern.. guess what?? ^_^

NOTE: If you are visiting Hat Yai do visit their Lantern Festival which located at Hat Yai City Municipality Park. I heard they will come out with Ice carving too.. This event up to February 2010 only.

Back to the hotel.. I start packing.. because we are going back in the next morning. Hubby woke up early that morning going for their prayers.. Me and son.. Sedap sedap tidur.. ;-p

When hubby back from prayers.. I woke up and ask what time leaving.. He ask not to worry.. anytime.. Coz not going any way already.. So we continue to sleep.. around 8am..

Suddenly our door was knocked by somebody.. I opened the door.. My MIL was standing on the door asking if we are ready or not.. and I was still with my sleeping wear and a disaster hair! I woke my hubby and son up and we rush to get ready..

When we got down.. everyone was already at the lobby waiting for us.. ;-p

As usual.. need to queue and imagine we are standing on a middle of road lining up and cars just side by side waiting for their turn as well.. Makan asap ohhhhhh.....

My BIL and his friends heading to Penang.. but we direct home.. Worried there will be a heavy traffic.. Everyone was on the way back home from Holiday..

That's how my boy sleep when I checked on him.. Sigh.. His grandpa also slept.. hihihi.. actually we all slept except my hubby.. He can drive for looooong hours... Respect! ^_^


Puan Saiman said...

Bestnyer dpt jalan2.... tapi saya rasa gambar yg paling best yang last tu..... cute tul your son tidur, siap ada 'baldi' kecil lagi atas kepala tu...hehehehehe.....

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Boleh tahan juga topi si Joel hahha, macam sayang juga si joel sama datuk dia kan hahaha, cute bah datu and cucu tidur.

CathJ said...

SJB: sayang apa.. kana buli2 sudah tu datuk dan nenek nya di belakang... sudah tertidur kan nah nampak 'mesra' la...hahahhahaha

UmmiRosma said...

Comel and funny I see Joel sleeping with the 'bucket' on top of his head..hehehehehe

Cozy moment with granny...