Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Long Waiting.. J.B Hat Yai Hotel...

(All photo here using my small Pink Sony camera.. ;-p)

Did I mentioned where are we heading to?? Ow I think no ya?? After Penang we are heading to Hat Yai Thailand. I've been here before married..

I mentioned on 1 of my post that I don't actually want to follow hubby to this trip because the actual reason they come here was for prayers.. ;-p (My hubby was a Buddhist.. and I am not ^_^)

But hubby really want me to join the family trip until umpan me with 'Shopping'... Jeezz!! But seems I got my new camera.. So Ok la.. just join hehehe..

It was a long journey and I fell a sleep few times.. When I woke up we almost reach the border at Bukit Kayu Hitam.. but need to buy the Insurance for car.

You see the sign above. This is the place where we can buy the insurance..

The small sign written..

This is the shop name..

Nah.. whole view.. get it?? ^_^

Reach the border where we need to pass by the counter to check the car card and insurance (If using Company car must have letter from company).. I tell you we wait for 2 hours queuing here!!!!!!!!! I fell a sleep and woke up still lining up.. Crazyyyyyyyyy..........

After the long hours waiting...

Some more have to line up for the passport stamping!!! Just look at the queue.. Every single person have to come down for camwhoring session security photo taking.

At 1 moment I felt like 'Pendatang tanpa izin'... T_T

Include my boy.. who tot he is big enough can hold his own passport.. *Sigh*

After the longggggggggggggggggggggg........... waiting.. at last we entered Thailand and the time suddenly reversing about 1 hour from Malaysian time.. Yeah Thai time 1 hour delay from us..


My BIL planned to eat the best Chicken rice somewhere here but FINISHED.. ;-p.. So go direct to Hat yai town to check in to our hotel room.

Almost all hotel at Hat yai were fully booked that time.. and we managed to find 3 star hotel quite far but still in town area.

Staying at J.B hotel Hat Yai.

Both belongs to J.B hotel.

When we entered already can smell the unpleasant smell.. My hubby ON the air-cond hopefully the smell will go fast.. Worst part the air-cond produce 1 kind of smell too.. LOL...

But soon after that the smells slowly disappeared..

My son have to suffer a bit sleep on the middle of the bed.. ;-p

No la.. he knows how to find his comfort zone.. he attached his body with his daddy.. Hehehe.. Mummy have big space lorr.. ;-p

Just woke up face.. @.~



At least they got something to offer..

Our room view.. Kweng.. kweng..kweng... But I must say my small camera take good picture too.. ^_^

(Yes.. I bring both camera during travel now.. For backup. Not every places we can bring big camera.. Well mine not that big la.. perasan pulak ;-p)

We take a shower and have a nap for few hours before going for night shopping..


UmmiRosma said...

Hi CathJ..
Oh Hatyai...? I had been there 9 yrs ago when I was having a 6-week course at RECSAM Penang. Sempat lagi vacation kat situ hehehe. Such a long time already...but the place where we bought the car insurance and the immigration look rather the same still.

CathJ said...

eh eh.. lama nya u tak berkunjung Ros.. Rindu pulak I.. ^_^

Mama Mia said...

aduh...panjangnya tu Q... :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow...so long the queue. :P

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Macam di Johor lah tu kan kalau u mahu pergi Singapor kan u mesti turun tu mahu pergi stamp ur punya passport. Tapi waktu tu kami naik train pulak. Never mine..