Monday, January 25, 2010

Mines Wonderland Boat Tour

Went to Mines Wonderland recently.. It's been long time didn't come here.. ;-p

1 thing I like about Mines was the river inside the shopping mall.. ^_^

This time we spent our $$ on the boat.. I mean go for a ride..

They got few packages for the rides and we are taking the Amazing tour, which visit the big and small lake.

Price: Adult-RM33/ Kids(3-12yo)-RM27 (If I am not mistaken.. ;-p)


We took the 6.30pm ride..

My boy 1st time ride on the Mines boat.

Notice something?? We are not offered any Safety jacket.. Which I think they should. Never know what will happen right? I was tempted want to ask and put for us.. tapi malu.... (Ni lah.. gara2 malu sanggup bergadai nyawa.. ~.@)

*Updated: I saw the sign board said.. Safety Jacket underneath your seat. But they should ask passengers to wear before moving (Like those days (May be more than 10 years ago ;-p).. my 1st time trying the rides.. yes they make sure everyone to put on safety jacket before moving ^_^)

We will enter a station where the water will shrink down and connect us to the lower level of the lake..

I am not sure what to call this station.. But quite scary hihihi.. A lot of negative tot playing in my mind.. ;-p

The water start from level 8meter..

Shrink down to 1meter and the gate open...

And we connected to the lake.. ^_^

1st the boat man bring us to this area.. to see fish.. o.O

Start to see the lake view..

Some view of the lake..

Saw some people learning to do the water sky?? ;-p

Unfortunately.. It was start raining... Urghhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I mean really2 rains!!!!

Where is the boat driver??? Guess what.. trying to repair the engine.. something is wrong with the boat.. it won't start.. Actually it happened when we were at the station where the water shrinking to connect us to the lake..

I tot it will only happen once.. but sad to know it happened few times.. In my heart was so worried you know!! especially when it rains and it's like we are stranded in the middle of the lake.. ~.@

I think they should service the boat.. Don't make passengers worried... *Sigh*

We reached at a small lake.. near by the Golden Horses Hotel.. Ow! That's not the hotel ya... ;-p

This 1.. ;-p

I love the view.. suddenly feels like in other country.. ^_^

The boat man was told that it was raining heavily on the middle of the lake.. So we were ask to go down from the boat to take some picture near by the hotel while waiting for the rain to stop..

Cos it was bad when it's rain.. the boat top cover leaks you know..

So we stay here for a while.. Very nice view..

I post more photo later ya... ^_^


Cherish Tulips said...

scary...never tried that ride yetbut agreeabout the safety jacket thing.

Reanaclaire said...

yo..scary la.. no life jackets and raining somemore..leaking.. ouch.. i dont think i wanna go.. thanks for sharing though.. last time i tot it was just around the shopping area, didnt know there is such a big lake there.. :)

Lady Hannah said...

uiks!!!no life jacket???scary la.i though the boat rides near by je!!!anyway interesting experience you have.

Mummy Gwen said...

We went for the boat ride 2 years ago but not till so far lah and no engine breakdown..hehe. guys were unluckylah. But the pics are really beautiful.

Cindy Khor said...

i remember enjoying this ride when i was a little kid... miss those days

AngeL BeaR said...

how much issit?

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Kenapa kita tidak pigi tu hari kan. menyesal sekali.

Alice Law said...

I was googling for The Mines' river cruise and coincidentally drop by your blog, very nice boat ride with beautiful scenery... though a bit pricey for me!:)