Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some Nice View In KK

Lately been thinking with what am I gonna do to make myself more interesting.. LOL.. Thinking of having new business and put on 'fire' my old business.. I don't mean to burn it la.. LOL..

It's getting bored staying at home lately but yet still enjoying the life and don't want to let this best moment go.. Mmm.. it's like wanted to have both at 1 time.. LOL.. So greedy..

I must think how to have both of that in hands.. ;-p


Ok.. Have some photos taken by me when I was in KK..

CITITEL Express hotel available in town.. ^_^

Beautiful view of KK sea view.. I saw a lot of construction going on at almost every place near by the sea.. So afraid will not be able to see all the sea view for free in future..




THEY have vision to make KK looks like Sydney or Hongkong in future.. Not sure when that gonna happen but I can see it's happening...


Where the boat going??? See all the houses at the background.. ?? Known as Pulau Gaya.. (Byk illegal migration ~.@)

Crystal on the sea..

The yellow bridge was there since I was small.. and another building coming up (As you can see under construction on the photo).. really covering the skyline but.. KK really needed more parking lots already.. semua sudah kaya, masing2 ada kereta.. ;-p)

A must visit place.. buying food under the bridge every 5pm..

Another must visit place for me.. Tg Aru beach.. ^_^


We can easily found beach here in KK.. awesome!!!

Beautiful Sunset..

We brought all the kids playing with sand and water here.. Balik rumah semua sakit.. include me cough... until now.. *Crap*..


It's dark and time to wrap up.. ^_^


lily lotus said...

tengok cititel teringat midvalley. terus rasa nak shopping.

Anonymous said...

lily lotus.. samala kita hehehe.
Cj... ko tak try tu bakso kaki ayam?

Olive said...

Thanks for this educational post. Have never seen any pics of KK b4. Lovely beach. So nice to catch the sun setting on camera...

Mummy Gwen said...

Interesting pics, CathJ. Thanks for sharing. :) The food under the bridge must be good. Isn't that your hubby? :P

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Ya kan, kami tidak pergi tu jual jual under the bridge oh. Menyesal.