Friday, February 26, 2010

Heading To Bandung_ Jakarta

Happy Holiday everyone.. Iklan sebentar.. latest flower in my kitchen.. ^_^

Love it.. This type of flowers won't stay long.. but I don't care.. I want!! LOL.. Can't live without flowers.. ^_^


Continue to Jakarta.. (Still at Mahakam Hotel.. For those who are new here ^_^). Still in day 2.

Few more photos on the pool.. ;-p

Blurr.. Don't know what hubby trying to tell me... LOL..

Because I was this far.. ~.@


Some function going on.. I think they will be having their refreshment on the pool side.. So nice..

Time to checked out.. Some photos on day time at the lobby..

Nice lighting..

Beautiful setting... Love it soo much.. next time must hang around here..



The hotel..

Out side the hotel.. Our bus waiting for us.. meeting our humble driver.. I forgot to ask his name.. But I got his HP number... ;-p. We rent a bus from Big bird charter bus (Updated).

(There was this 1 time I want to shopping when hubby and his bro went out to meeting their stuff.. The driver bring me and my boy to 1 of the F.O outlet.. Funny big bus.. the passenger was only me and my boy.. My in law already tired.. That's why I take his number in case I lost.. LOL)

Before heading to Bandung.. Visiting hubby office in Jakarta... I have to give angpau to all the staff... ;-p

Straight to Bandung.. which will takes about 2 hours.. Did not went anyway else..

Our friend (hubby staff) also becomes our tour guide during our trip (Terima kasih bangat pak Andre..) suggest us to visit Tanah Abang in Jakarta.. But it will be similar as Pasar Baru in Bandung.. so I prefer to visit Pasar Baru because we don't have much time.

Not much photo in Jakarta.. Because our bus was having a very dark window all over.. and it's fixed.. can't open.. The only view I managed to take was above photo.. T_T

And this photo..

Shooting from the dark window.. I have to put my camera very bright.. that's the best I can get... T________________T

Heading to Bandung... 2b cont..


Mummy Gwen said...

We only take Bluebird taxi in Jakarta. When Gwen sees any blue color taxi she will say it's Bluebird..LOL.

Oh..that fountain is nearby the big mall already...Grand Indonesia. ^_^

Oliveoylz said...

I like the flowers and the "pot" too. So cute :) The hotel does look very new and grand too! Never been to Jakarta, only Medan, yes :)

CathJ said...

MummyGwen: Ohhh... I didn't managed to visit any shopping mall lerrr.. T_T

Olive: Medan??? Wow.. interesting..

smallkucing said...

The Blue Bird Company is very responsible. In fact one thing good about cabs in Jakarta is that they use Meter instead of bargaining like most cab still do in Msia.

Fely said...

These are absolutely gorgeous pics Cath! Really makes me want to go on a holiday!

SyAfaWaNi ♥‿♥ said...

wow!! so happening there ya:)
wish i could go there one day:)hee

Lyn Yusoff said...

wow... so nice ur travel..
was awesome!!!

Pete said...

Nice hotel, happy holidays!

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Cantik pulak Jakarta ni kan. Macam mahu juga pigi, tapi takut lah pulak hehehe.

CathJ said...

Don't worry la SJB.. we have good friends here... ^_^...

CathJ said...

I mean there... Jakarta... ;-p

Caterina said...

oh, i stayed near that big fountain roundabout the last time i was there.. hyatt, jakarta...still remember it very well... superb service...