Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gran Mahakam Hotel (P.1)_Jakarta

Iklan dulu:

During CNY I was having the Fortune Cookies.. I 'forced' all the men in my family (My hubby and son ;-p) to have 1.. LOL

I don't believe in all this crap but it's feels good to be cheated with something nice like this sometimes... Hahahahaha..

This what my hubby got.. 'Nothing can bring you peace but yourself'... Hahahahha..

My innocent boy.. opening his.. and this what he got.. 'Your principles mean more to you than any money and success'... Well totally right... if he say he want 'A'.. means he really want that.. *Sigh*.. LOL..

Now.. What mummy got???

LOL.. NO one can beat that one!! (My hubby rolling eyes.. jeles.. Wakakakkaka!.. you know he is a believer on all this.. DUH!)

Updated: I just realized got number given, I tot all got numbers... wakakakkaka....


Let's go to Jakarta!!

When I think over my trip to Jakarta and Bandung.. I think I didn't visit places much! But What I can remember was.. My foot got blister due to shopping.. Not in Jakarta but in Bandung.. ^_^

We did not do anything in Jakarta.. Only sleeping over night there.. and we stayed at this hotel..

MAHAKAM Hotel.. It was consider a small hotel.. but I am so fall in love with the interior!! Let me bring you for a tour.. ^_^

Beautiful skyline..

It was the 1st day of CNY and Valentines day as well..

Spot lots of Diamonds on the trees.. ;-p

This was the lobby area.. Very cozy.. *Love*..

The Reception..


Welcome drinks.. Hey!! I didn't have mine!! Now I remember.. Busy taking photo until forgot to try it.. *Dang!*..



I like the stairs.. ^_^

Look up!!

A dressing table as 1 of their decorations props.. Owww... This hotel is sooooo ME!! ^_^...

Another area on the lobby..

Time to go up to the room..

Before entering the lift... Sempat lagiiii.... ;-p ;-p

This was only the lobby.. Will show more photos.. and info of the hotel.. ^_^

2b cont...


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Punya lah fancy kan. Boleh tahan ni.

Anthea said...

Wow, so nice the hotel! hehe. I've alwayyyss wanted to go to INDONESIA. Man must go there instead of going to KL over and over again, boring sudah. haha.

I'll link you in my blog ah

Mummy Gwen said...

Jakarta has a lot of nice hotels and shopping malls too..hehe.

I can't wait to see your loot from Bandung. We have not been there yet. My Hubby told me alot of ppl in Jakarta will go to Bandung for the weekend. It's only 2 hours drive from Jakarta. My turn is coming sooon..hehe.

Kniedaz said...

cant wait to read & see ur next n3 about Jakarta/Bandung...hope my turn will come soon...weehuuu

CathJ said...

Sparkling: Oh please dear... lets get linked... ^_^

Mummy Gwen & Kniedaz: Oh yes you should..

Mummy Gwen... ayo so near to you... must go lah... hehehehhe

lily lotus said...

looks like 5 stars hotel u! memang worth it...

Shirley S Wong said...

Ya bah,mcm 5 stars hotel oh...!!
Best oh....^_^

carolchs said...

whoaaa God of Fortune kasi siap dgn number 4d lagi tu...ada beli? hehehe

CathJ said...

Hahahhaha... Chegu Carol.. taraaa... LOL..