Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ayo Shopping (Bandung)

CNY was already over but I just wanted to slot in this post.. Because it was soo hard to see Lion dance here where I stayed (Selangor) and I think.. This was my 1st time watching it live after been staying here like more than 6 years..

We were having food at Secret Recipe and what a lucky day they were having performance on the middle of the mall.. and it was just infront of us.. ^_^

I remember when I was small.. or when I was staying in KK la.. 1 month before CNY.. you already can hear the Lion dance sound practicing..

I remember.. it was the most annoying season for me that time.. LOL.. But today.. Mencari-cari... Rindu-runduan... LOL.. (I know same goes to my sis in Canada.. LOL)

So.. Here goes.. all Lion dance photo... LOL..





Puas hati me... *Giggles*..


Bandung story pula..

I do my homework before visiting any places.. I Google what are the best place to shop in Bandung.. And 1 of the famous place people suggested was Heritage.. Beside was Cascade.. It's connected by the way.. ^_^

Bandung famous with their F.O (Factory outlet).. What special about shopping in Bandung?? Before visiting Bandung, I tot it will be just the same like shopping in Thailand.

But it's different.. In Bandung.. Some items are imported stuff.. may be rejected or not up to the Brand owner expectation.. so they reject it..

The F.O owner take all that and sell it with half of the original price or may be cheaper! I bought lots of Hard Rock Tshirt for my boy.. which comes from all over the country.. ^_^.. (Buyuk... Nah teringat Uncle..Greg ;-p)

I would say Much more quality products from Thai?? But don't get me wrong.. shopping in Thai have a different way of excitement.. and cheap too.. ^_^

Some view on the F.O..


Some was arrange like very class boutique but price are very affordable.. But I did not take any photo on some places.. Busy shopping.. ;-p

I read lot's of blog who came to shop here and said they forgot to take photo coz busy shopping.. In my mind.. alaaa... itu pun susah nak ambik photo... Now when I came here, I totally understand what the situation was .. LOL...!!

Believe it or not.. We all separated.. I shop alone... and hubby was handling my boy while doing his shopping...

Me and Hubby is a shopping maniac... and I can see my boy start to get to knows how to play this 'game' already... He choose his own shirt and pants.. and TOYS (Sigh) and put it in my shopping bag...

Nah... see???

More view on the F.O.. This was only at the Heritage F.O area..



Kids corner.. I am having fun buying shirt for my boy... Wuhuuuuu... Tshirt Hard Rock.. Price around RM10-Rm20.. and good quality... ^_^

Nah who visited Heritage sure remember this flower.. ;-p

Alert.. Not all are original Brand.. so just be alert.. but it's cheap anyway... what the hack... ;-p. For the branded item.. price will still around RM30 -40 and sometimes more.. But I think it's still worth..

I shop around 150Million.. for me and my boy.. Ow.. in Rupiah ya... ;-p (Not much la... Not enough time.. will come again!!! ;-p)

We were told that they will have a discount month (Some thing like Mega sales.. up to 50% lagi yuu)!! Means the item already cheap and another discount??? Oh me and hubby waiting for that season... wuhuuuu...

Not gonna tell you when.. Buat ramai orang je.. I don't want ended with pulling hair with you hahahahha... ;-p ;-p..

2b cont..


Mummy Gwen said...

Please tell me when is is the Mega sale month..haha.

Ooh..I'll go crazy shopping in Bandung man..hehe. Must ask Hubby to prepare more funds for shopping. LOL.

CathJ said...

Oh Yes.. Mummy Gwen.. must bring lots of $$... hahahhaha... and you were just there... so jealous... ;-p

OK la.. Will tell on next post actually.. I dun knw it's true or not but you go and check it out la... hehehhehe...

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Wah...ada lagi tu nagan wahhhh bestnya. Oh ya kau tahu kah tu, anak bapa eson si Terry. Dia pun main singa kan. sekali waktu dorang pigi di mana sudah tu si maureen cakap tu. entah lah lupa sudah saya. Anyway, ya dia di bahagian kepala singa tu. sekali dia panjat lah tu tinggi tinggi mahu ambil tu ang pow kan. tapi tu kawan dia di bawah tidak tersambut dia, nah jatuh patah tangan bah. kesian juga. nah satu kali saja lah dia main. kesian kan. sama si jude pun main singa dulu kan hehehe, cuma ni tahun saja dia tidak ikut apa tidak kaki pun tidak boleh jalan. susah ni.

Eee macam saya pun mahu pigi shopping sini oh hehehe. Murah lagi tu. memang best lah.

carolchs said...

i wana have girls weekend shopping in Bandung!!!

my SIL bawa2 bah mau pigi tu but my travel plans this year cukup quota sudah. kalau mau tambah lagi destination, makan rumput la betul2 sudah ni hehehe

CathJ said...

SJB: Ya kah??? eee apa lah tu kawan dia nda sambut.... kasian juga.... ee c jude... jgn lah bah... bujang suda pun hahahahha...

Chegu Carol: Ah... kau ni... byk lagi tu romiding sama kangkung parit... itu lah rumput kau p makan...hahahhahahahahahhaha.... belum lagi pucuk ubi... uishhhmkau i.. jgn takut mati tiada makan bah... hahahahahaha...

Malaysia Asia said...

Cath, looks like you had an awesome time there! Saw you visited Heritage too, cantik kan all the barangs there? I hope you saw my Bandung blog on Factory Outlets before you went :)


Mama Mia said...

ini yang buat semangat ku berkobar-kobar mau pigi Bandung ni,Cath..shopping!

CathJ said...

David: Oh my gosshh.. I forgot to check out your web laaaa.... urgghhh... info sure complete... T_T...

MamaMia:Apa lagi... hehehehhe....

Malaysia Asia said...

Apa la Cath, if you had checked my site, no need to waste time exploring. Terus ke factory outlets yang happening. Anyway, glad you had fun there.


Amanda Barreto said...

Your blog is amazing!
Nice pictures!!!!


CathJ said...

Owww... Amanda.. Thank you... ^_^


Aunty J said...

Eeeeee...me soo jeles oh u went to the FO in Bandung...sia kana tunggu anak2 sia bigger a bit b4 i can go for girly shopping trip to Bandung nie...as for now angan2 luk la ;p

liza said...

wow! your blog is amazing!! nice pics!
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