Friday, March 5, 2010

Gunung Tangkuban Parahu_ Bandung

Besides Shopping.. Bandung offer a very nice place to visit too.. and 1 of them was Gunung Tangkuban Parahu (None active Volcano)..

I really wish to visit Kawah putih.. but it was quite far and hubby said will visit next time.. T_T

Before reaching Tangkuban.. We stop by some of the Fresh Milk shop. Milk from goat and cow.. I am not a fan of a very fresh milk..

But seems hubby asking what was that.. Nah! Pak Andree said must try... Siap laporan.. cannot run away... must try... LOL!

I was hoping can see how they collect the milk.. but unfortunately they don't do that here.. So I missed the chance or may be trying... ;-p!

Ahh sudah lah kau lembuuu... ;-p ;-p back to you... This sign ';-p' means what the cow did on photo above... hihihi...


We did not try it there coz we really need to reach Tangkuban fast.. The sky getting darker and we don't want to get wet when reach there..

Famous lah this toys there..

This was our van..

Here the milk.. they put flavour for you.. Hubby ask for strawberry and chocolate.. and only him drink that.. None of us try.. My imagination run wild that moment so I just can't take a sip.. ;-p

It takes about 1 and a half hour to Tangkuban Parahu.. Yes Visitors need to pay tickets..

My 1st view.. Breath taking.. I just adore a view like this..

A close up.. Sometimes you can smell a very strong smell of sulfur..

As usual.. Any place of interest must have a sales man.. and so many of them..

Some souvenirs for sale all along the way..



Not active Volcano?? What with the smoke??? Spooky.. spooky... ;-p

A very dangerous corner to take photo.. people risk their life to stand on that yellow ground to have the best picture... LOL..

Further down view..

By this time I already alone.. everyone bawa diri sendiri.. ^_^

I was followed by a group of sales man.. They just don't understand what is 'NO'.. they will keep on persuading you to buy their stuff.. and I bought a fridge magnet.. That I must buy.. ^_^

When I found my hubby.. He was surrounded with different team of sales man too.. LOL!!

We go down the hill a little bit to explore more..

More stall selling souvenirs..

2b cont..


Pete said...

Nice to take a look at an active volcano! Whoooosh...don't know when going to erupt! Interesting lorr!

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Saya pun belum pernah tengok macam ni dekat. Macam bikin takut juga oh..tapi cantik kan.

Mummy Gwen said...

Nothing much there ler..hehe. But it's a good experience.

CathJ said...

Pete.. this is not active already.. ^_^

SJB: Nampak ja bikin takut tapi tiada apa2 la..

Mummy Gwen: Ya.. what we expect on the Volcano right?? hahahahhaha.. Just leave a foot print and snap a photo.. LOL..

Kniedaz said...

everywhere can shop eh?? volcano also has salesman...

CathJ said...

Jgn main2 haaa... LOL