Monday, March 1, 2010

What a 'perfect day' _ Bandung

Today is my beloved Mom bday.. Wishing you lots of LOVE and God bless you Mom.. ^_^
mom bday

Cont.. To Bandung..
After checked in.. we get ready to start our 1st activity without any delay..

When we were about to go out.. this what we found.. T________T... What a perfect day..

Our 1st activity for 1st day in Bandung was actually shopping... LOL... Ya shopping part 1... coz I think we shop like everyday after that... LOL..

It was very bad weather.. I saw water pouring out from the mall's lighting on the ceiling!! So dangerous... anytime can happen electric shock.. *gulp*..

But I did not take any photo of the incident.. I feel so sorry for all the staff and boss working hard to move all their products.. and 1 guy was holding a black garbage bag trying to catch all the waters pouring from the ceilings...

I mean POURING like small water fall!!!!! Really bad..

Well we can't stop our activity.. time was limited for us.. must use it wisely.. ;-p..

Rain heavily.. thunder storm and strong wind! Lot's of trees falling apart.. and some main road was closed due to the falling trees.. Jeez..

Disaster! ~.@

Thank God Pak Andree was with us.. Once again wanted to Thank him so much for all what he has done to us..

See all the branches.. Big 1 you know.. not small2 branches.. T_T..


We stuck in a jam like almost 1 and a half hours... So decided to have some energy 1st by having food.. Pak Andree wanted us to try the 'Sundanese Food'.. 1 of the local food in Bandung.

The place address if you wanted to try.. ^_^

This place looks like Sydney... ;-p

Please be informed.. Pak Andree said, Dinner will be quite packed.. So organize your time wisely.. ^_^



The dine area.. Still drizzling.. so we eat inside..

Some of the food served..



Food was good.. We are ready for shopping... ;-p

2b cont..


Caterina said...

it seems like there's nothing much to do in bandung except shopping? and there's a sundanese restaurant in KLCC top floor too, not sure if it's still there, but i remember the food being good...

CathJ said...

Hi Cat.. long time didn't heard from you.. :).. btw... there is... but the perfect activity... is always shopping... LOL!

lily lotus said...

big2 branches haa..hehe bestnya jalan2 lagi dan lagi

Nana said...

wahhh lebatnye hujan. Its been a while since I've seen hujan like that! What did you shop kat sana?

CathJ said...

Hey Nana.. lama I tak visit your site.. lost your blog add la.. TQ for visit me... now can visit u again... ^_^..

ala Nana.. shop baju and imitation item.. LOL.. nanti i cerita la..

Nana said...

hehe I pun been very dormant for the past few weeks. Everything was on automatic update haha!

OoOOO I dah lama tak shopping baju! kat sini baju semua mahal. malas nak beli!

Fely said...

Wah Cath....macam tsunami pulak dia punya hujan tu! The food looks so yummy! Sini baru pukul 11.48am, sia tinguk gambar tu makanan, sia rasa mau lunch awal lah ni! Really makes me hungy! And as usual, gorgeous pics! X

Mummy Gwen said...

When it pours heavily sure banjir..haha..Jakarta too.

Very excited to know what you bought lah..hehe.

CathJ said...

Hehehehe.. Mummy Gwen.. Not much la.. but I take photo some of it already.. will post soon k.. ^_^

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Punya lah teruk. Bikin takut juga oh kah.