Friday, April 30, 2010

Festive Hotel at Sentosa Resort World_Singapore

I was not well yesterday.. the whole day on the bed... Urghh.. Being sick is not good at all.. can't do anything.. I can't cook.. trying to cook instant noodles.. I can't even tear the plastic..

Have to SMS hubby to come back home early on the evening to handle my boy.. I took Panadol.. put my hand on my forehead and pray for healing.. I have a good sleep and this morning I am totally cure!!

Praise The Lord!


Continue our Singapore journey.. ^_^..

Even tho' we slept like sardines on our 1st night (Staying at Harbour Ville Hotel, Jalan Kg Bahru).. amazingly we have a good sleep!! LOL.. Woke up early and asked the receptionist if there was any food stall near by..

We checked out from hotel.. and put our luggage for a while in the hotel reception and out for breakfast.

Yes there is a food stall near by (In case you staying here.. and want a budget food ^_^).. you have to walk out towards the bus stop (On the right)..

Before reaching the bus stop.. there will be a small path way going towards an apartment or flats.. find the building number 109.. and the food stall was there..

Good budget food.. *Wink*

After having breakfast.. we took our luggage and stand outside the hotel waiting for Taxi passing by.

We did not order for a Taxi.. You just have to wave your hand and the Taxi will stop (Advised from local people there ^_^)

It was short drive.. because the Harbour Ville hotel is very near to Sentosa Island.

Make sure you have your Hotel booking number to enter the Island (Hotel in Sentosa Island booking number ya).. Otherwise you will need to pay for $6 for entrance.. It's free if you staying in any of the hotel in the resort.

Photo above.. is a parking area.. ^_^.. and where the Taxi drop us down.. ^_^

We were greeted with this.. ;-p

What I saw along the way heading to our hotel..


Siapa mau try??? LOL.. Luckily I am not a fan..

Some nice architecture along the way..


When going up using this escalator.. I was so excited already.. Ok 3 of us felt excited.. it's like entering a new whole world.. with the heavenly music and colours..

1st thing I saw was this... I am not sure what with this statue.. but macam menyindir ja... ;-p ;-p

On the way to hotel..

Entrance to FESTIVE HOTEL at Sentosa Resort World.. Funny elephant..

Yeah we stayed at Festive Hotel..

Price : $282.48 (Included all taxes for a night.. In Sing dollar ya)


(Festive Hotel Resort World Review by ;-p)

Nice Interior design.. on my right view.. The cafe..

On my left view..

This hotel is quite new.. as new as the Singapore Universal studio..

Path way to our room..

This was our room.. ^_^

Apa lah ni?? ;-p

Start from the bath room..

Toilet on the left..

Shower on the right..


We have no choice to have twin single bed..

But not to worry... This is a sofa bed.. so just nice for 3 f us.. ^_^.. My boy sleep here.. It's a huge bed after you pull it out.. ^_^

This what I am looking at when I am on my bed..

With small balcony which facing the Sentosa Resort Hard Rock Hotel.. and there was something going on at the Hard Rock hotel.. I think Singapore Grammy award or something... Lot's of artist and live TV.. (Will upload some pic on next post.. ;-p)



Huge TV with my hubby name on the screen.. ;-p

This is a very nice hotel.. But 1 thing that really disappoint me.. NO FOOD SERVICE... -_-

We were so tired after the whole day tour.. so hungry... hopping to have good food from the hotel service (It was like 10pm already).. but we are so disappointed they don't have that service..

Imagine have to go down again to find food... -_-


For your information.. when we arrived around 9am.. there was no room available yet.. because check in suppose to be at 3pm.. So we just check in thru their system 1st and leave our luggage on the reception..

We don't waste any time.. straight to the Singapore Universal Studio... Wuuu Huuuu!!!

Singapore Universal Studio
Next all about the Universal Studio...

(Now I don't have to rush to Hong Kong Disneyland.. coz I been here.. ;-p)

To be Continue.......


lily lotus said...

aduhai..statue itu..notty lah :P

Agnes CF Lee said...

nice hotel, nice place. have not been to Singapore for a long long time. Anything nice that you bought from Singapore?

Mimi said...

Lain juga the hotel tiada room service.. Susah la kalau lapar macam tu kan? But at least the room is a lot nicer than the previous one kan.. Can't wait to see the Universal studio pictures.. hehe

Nana said...

wahhh singapore looks so gempaq. I havent been there bertahun kot! Can't wait to see the pics in Universal studios ;D

Shirley S Wong said...

very interesting....^_^ tidak sabar mau tunggu next posting ni.....

Kristie said...

wow festive hotel looks nice!!! sure not a miss when u got to sg... must go to universal studios!

Serene said...

Wow this hotel looks nicer!! Sure worth to pay...

Izan said...

wow... cantiknya hotel tu....
bestnyer pergi bercuti...

Mummy Moon said...

nice hotel, but not cheap huh, :P

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Ketawa saya tengok tu gajah hahaah. kurus kaki panjang lagi tu kekekek.

Wah..ini hotel baru lah nampak fancy bah. Mesti selesa ni kan.