Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flying with Tiger

Wah!.. all tot I am flying to HK.. ;-p. Flying to HK will take 4 hrs.. BUT my trip only take about 45minutes from KL LCCT.. ^_^

I was flying with TIGER to........






Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa................. ^_^.. and when I said flying with TIGER... I meant it... hehehe...

Tadaaaa..... Hehehe.. Ok ... want to introduce another option of flights.. TIGER AIRWAYS.com.

This airlines was belongs to Singapore.. their budget flights.. I am not sure they have flight to Kota Kinabalu but they do have it to Kuching..

We got a great deal flight as low as RM2.... duh... believe it or not.. ^_^.. and return with RM0... Free!! But of coz after adding the tax and bla bla bla.. it cost us RM490 (Both way for 3 of us).

I checked Airasia and the price was almost RM600 that day.. Not bad.. but of coz we took the cheapest.. ^_^

Now.. let me post my story from A-Z... Be my friend on my FB (If you spent more time on FB ^_^) to get my update too ya.. ^_^.

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This was our seats.. and for me, it's a standard seat.. similar with AA.. Look a lil bit old.. but hey.. it's ok.. and it's only 45minutes flight anyway.. ^_^ (Return only took 35minutes...).

The ladies with yellow shirt was the stewardess.. They sell food and souvenirs on flight.. So NO outside food allowed..

Singapore dollar is quite high.. so we try to cut cost as we can ;-p.. Like trying to use all the public transportation example the free shuttle bus and MRT train.. It's very convenient!

There will be a FREE shuttle bus waiting from the airport to MRT terminal.

We staying very near to Sentosa Island and quite far from airport.. so we just be adventurous a lil bit on this trip..

Bus will be quite pack.. well it's for few minutes only.. No problem.. (Thank God already have training with KTM tour that day LOL..)

But aircond is working fine.. so no worries.. ^_^

Reached Terminal 2.. Try to look for ticket counter..

We look for the ticket counter to ask how to go to our destination.. ask opinion where to drop off..

People here very friendly.. Just ask them and they will give you direction..

Once we know where to drop off.. we can purchase our tickets..

Singapore Currency during our trip : Singapore dollar ($1) = RM2.32 (Our money).

We took the standard ticket.. you can top up this card.. So don't lost it.. ^_^

Waiting for the train.. ^_^

Train was clean and aircond work super perfect.. Not much people.. We need to drop off to another station for interchange..


The train will stop here (Opss.. I can't recall what this station name.. but it will ends here.. If not mistaken it called Tanah Merah) and this is the station which will bring us to our destination.

Next train.. uh huuu... full house... -_-.. But most important thing is the aircond was great.. ^_^

(Pardon me with the 'baru bangun face'.. ;-p)

It's quite a long journey tho'.. so my son have no choice to sit just like this.. -_-.. Some people did offered him a seat.. but he just enjoying him self this way.. ~.@

We are going to Harbour Ville hotel at Jalan Kampung Baru (I booked online).. so we were advised to drop here at Outram Park to called for Taxi.

Just infront of the station was the Taxi waiting spot..

Their Taxi looks vintage BUT big inside... and good aircond too.. Driver was friendly.. ^_^..

I booked this hotel (3 star hotel) tot of trying to save some bucks and spend on food and tour tickets..

It was a very small hotel.. and ermmmm... I will give my review on my next post..

It cost $105 (Pls (X) 2.32 in Msia money)...

Continue later.. ^_^

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Reanaclaire said...

hey 105 not bad.. ok will wait for yr review cos i might be going to sg end of the year..

Mimi said...

I always want to try flying with Tiger Airways.. but normally to Singapore we drive and stay in JB. My hubby is Johorean bah... that's why... hehe

CathJ said...

Mimi.... Punya dakattttttttttttttt!!!!! hehehhehehe...

CathJ said...

Claire: You should!!!! ^_^

Kniedaz said...


Mummy Gwen said...

The flight tickets were a good deal. Oh..went to Sentosa lah. :P I love it there...but HOT.

Eh..do you know you can return the MRT ticket and refunded with S$1?

Anonymous said...

Bah moi capat lah sambung cerita ko hehehehe.

CathJ said...

Mummy Gwen: We did not return.. Not enough time to do so.. ;-p

Sabar kau Rosc: hahahhahah...

Kristie said...

wow nice! I guessed u were going there since u said mahal in ur previous post haha...

waiting for more stories and pix! ;)

Mouren said...

Cj, paduli tu muka baru bangun...yg penting ko berani ambik gambar di sana tu...hehehehe!

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Wah..murah juga kan tu ticket. Macam tidak pernah dengar oh tu airline hehheh.

CathJ said...

Wyne Ren: kekekkekek...

SJB: Ya me too.. 1st time.. hubby la tu.. mcm2 airlines dia tau.. ;-p

Serene said...

wah.. the flight ticket is cheap lah. Public transport in Singapore is indeed very convenient.