Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hotel Review.. Suntec City..

Continue from my previous post.. Here are my review on this hotel..

Harbour Ville Hotel, Singapore
($105 pernite.. (x) 2.32 for Msian money).

I booked this hotel online.. It was like a day before our trip.. ;-p. Advise you to do book earlier ya.. ^_^

I was browsing for 3 star hotels.. Coz in my mind.. Singapore is a luxury country.. I bet their 3 star hotel will be acceptable.

Unfortunately.. When we reached the hotel.. My heart was a bit frustrated actually.. (Even the Taxi said to us.. Why did you all stay here??) .. LOL..

By looking at the Reception counter.. I already can imagine how the room will look like.. But we can't back off.. Because we still charged for the 1st night.. WTH.. we carry on.. we not gonna hang around on the hotel anyway..

I book the superior queen bed.. and the room was super tiny (I feels like hard to breath.. ~.@). But it was clean except for the smells.. Smells like old store room.. -_-.

It's small and a bad 'traffic jam' inside the room... LOL.. you know what I mean??.. LOL.. when everbody try to walk at the same time.. It's not a good idea.. hahaha...

The small fridge is not working.. -_-..

Small bathroom but clean... Actually this hotel was not as bad as I imagine.. It was OK.. Just that for me and family it was not that comfortable, too small.. hihihi..

1 thing I don't like about the place was.. when some1 smoking outside the smells will be all over the place.. -_-

We took a nap for couple of hours.. coz we leaved early that day.. Once we woke up we went out.. find food and start with our tour.. No delays... times limited.. ^_^

What I saw nearby the hotel.. Hey there was a Canadian International School here.. ^_^

Tadaa.... ^_^.. nxt to our hotel..

Every hotel will have a tour pamphlet.. so make sure you have it all.. ^_^. We took a cab to SUNTEC City..

Wah! This tree can grow that big?? and we plant 2 small trees of these in our small garden.. ~.@

Once we reached Suntec City.. We purchased our tour tickets.. We are going for the Ducktours and Singapore Flyers.. (Yes.. you need to go to Suntec city to purchase the Ducktours.. Singapore Flyers and double deck bus for city tour).

Tickets for 3 of us : Will come back with the price.. ;-p

While waiting we having food at the same area.. I just love this food court design.. ^_^

It's like a library.. ^_^


Books wall paper every where..

A lot of food choices here.. and of coz converted to our money will be quite expensive.. -_-

Take simple food only.. ;-p

But beh-tahan looking at all the tempting food.. example above.. ;-p.. after that trying their Nasi Ayam... I think we spent around RM70++ for simple dish that moment only -_-..

See the decoration? *Love*

Pleasant environment too..

1 thing I don't like it here.. I was still eating and the table cleaner was already like wiping my table.. We are still having food!!! Jeez... and she was wiping all the small2 item around my plate.. Can't they wait until we make a move???? Ish!!...

Next going for the Ducktour in Singapore.

To Be Cont..


Mouren said...

Kalu sy pun..beh-tahan tgk mknan sadap2....yummy yummy!

CathJ said...

Wyne: hihihihi....

lily lotus said...

bolehlah nak buat tidur hotel tu ekk..hehe

Shirley S Wong said...

wow...cantik tu food court oh, ada deco books wallpaper lagi tu...^_^
i likeeeeeee....

Mummy Gwen said...

I've been to this food court before. The food is not bad. We didn't go for the singapore flyer coz my bro said nothing much to see..hehe.

MaureenJ said...

mcm sedap tu mkanan....

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Adakah dia lap tu meja time kau masih lagi makan hahahah. Boleh imagine oh.

Wah..wah..wah..ada lagi bah Canadian International School :D.

Serene said...

the hotel room looks small, but as long as clean then ok lah.. right? living standard in Singapore is quite high... so if convert the currency back to RM, will feel abit heart pain!

Anonymous said...

My god simple food pun buli sampai RM70.

Cherish Tulips said...

So small the room.I've stayed in Fullerton hotel,also smthg like that.can smell ppl smoke too.