Thursday, April 29, 2010

Singapore Night Safari_P1

Next tour was visiting the Night Safari.. I got about 40 photos for this tour to be shared with you.. but I think I better divide it into 2 post..

Nanti ada broadband yang tidak boleh 'angkat'.. ;-p

We were given a time line to meet on our tour bus.. Who ever did not turn up on time will consider not following the bus..

So we need to be on scheduled.. Photo above the entrance.. This was my 2nd time visiting Singapore Night Safari.. I think 4 years ago??? That time I was just gone thru a miscarriage (4 days after).. Orang berpantang... I go kai2.. ~.@..

I remember when I was here those day.. I make a wish.. 1 day if I have my own child.. I will come back here again.. and this moment my wish came true..

Some random photos..



We were quite hungry.. managed to have some food.. (But don't spent time too long here.. because you will need to be early for the show.. Otherwise have to wait for another 45 minutes for next animal show)

Love all the staff's uniform.. They were in a theme.. Best.. ^_^

While having our simple snack.. managed to watch some show on the stage.. (And because of too excited watching man eating fire.. we were late for the animal show.. They closed the entrance.. have to wait for another 45 minutes.. -_-)

Wah!.. from Sarawak with love.. ^_^

Nah.. Mogunatip.. ;-p

More food court..


Since we were late for the animal show.. we have to go for plan B.. start with the Night Safari ride 1st..

.. and to be on the ride we have to wait like for half an hour or more.. But I think it moving fast.. we don't even feel the time passes by.. ^_^..

I think they have lot's of tram now..

Before we start the journey.. Our tour guide will give a reminder.. NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!!! So remember that.. It will make the animal run away or might make them blind..

Lots of trams.. ^_^

It was a different experience when watching the animal in the dark.. All this animal photos was taken WITHOUT flash k.. ^_^.. Some people still 'degil' using their flash..

It's quite dark and definitely not able to take photo clearly.. But My camera have this night scene without flash mode.. But still can't take clear view if taken while moving.. -_-



Only showing some sample here.. you have to visit this place to view the real scenery.. ^_^

To be continue with part 2..


Lyn Yusoff said...

tak dpt perfi night safari..
dpt enjoy the pics pun was good enuff..:)

Mouren said...

Bangga nya kita ada tarian dr Borneo island at the singapore's night safari!!....

Anonymous said...


Kristie said...

can u believe it? i've never been there b4! haha... i guessed no interest before... but now with a child, i will definitely go! :)

Mama Mia said...

cheers to mogunatip! mcm si Mouren, sia pun bangga tarian Borneo jd international ni.. :)

CathJ said...

Mamamia: same here.. ^_^

CathJ said...

Lyn: Dekat je tu... 1 day mesti dapat pergi la.. ^_^

Mummy Moon said...

agree wt you, the show isn't that interesting.

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Ya bah sayang oh tidak boleh guna flash. Tapi ok juga dapat tengok sikit sikit heheh.