Thursday, April 29, 2010

Singapore Night Safari_Part 2

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Again.. after the Night Safari tour.. we were too late to enter the animal show again... Urghhhh!!! That's mean we will never have the opportunity to go for that.. -_-

But my hubby mcm biasa lah banyak politic.. ;-p.. He tried to convince the guy who was in charge of the entrance.. They said it's full.. But hubby pleaded to let 3 of us in.. The reason.. bus is going of by 9.45pm (Which was true).. if we don't watch this we won't have the chance to watch it at all..

.. And thank God the guy let us in.. and we ran inside.. Show about to start and still got place to sit.. but of coz not the best seat where you can see the whole stage..

As usual.. No Flash Photography.. So all my pic was without flash ya.. ^_^

This is some view that I can share with you... Have to come here to watch it yourself.. ^_^

The host.. I think I was entertained by the host more than the animals.. ;-p. She was very funny host.. Good Job!

They will invite tourist to take part on the shows..

Oh dear... This was found from 1 of the guest seat.. so beware.. ^_^

Tourist from US.. No way to run.. have to participate.. :D

Frankly speaking.. The show was not as interesting as the 1st time I came here.. where all birds fly all over the place and lot's of animal..

Seems the animal was not really participating well this time round.. maybe because of the weather?? A lil bit drizzling.. but not so bad.. don't even feel it.. ^_^

Done with the animal show.. we still have some extra time.. So walk around to take photo..

Fish.. This was at the Toilet entrance.. What interesting in the toilet was.. they put an animal sound at every toilet room.. so everytime you doing your business.. feels like there was an animal outside.. at the back of your toilet... LOL..

.. and mine was a tiger sound... Jeez!!!

The fire performance still going on...

The white guy was invited to do some tricks on stage.. ^_^

Hey wait... Must try this.. ;-p

Ohhhhhhhhh.... seriously yummy..

Ending our tour by taking photo at this statue.. My boy asking me.. 'Mom.. what are you doing??'.. he saw my hand like that.. I was actually covering the lady breast.. ;-p

Go back with the same bus.. I like this bus.. very huge and look at the top.. with glass so we can see scenery during the journey.. ^_^ (This photo taken when we were on the way to Night Safari.. )

The bus will stop at some spot where we can go down near by our hotel..
We drop off at Marriott hotel to take a cab to our hotel. You can ask the driver which spot is the nearest to your hotel.. he will guide you..

Some night scenery during our journey to the Taxi station.. This was at Orchard road.. Famous with branded stuff..

'Tapun'... ;-p

Apa lah tu.. hubby asked to take this photo... o.O


Waiting for Taxi.. don't worry about Taxi here.. very convenient.. ^_^.. But I have doubt with some of the Taxi charges towards us sometimes.. ~.@

That night we slept like sardines!! It's a small bed.. Luckily hubby managed to book a hotel at Sentosa Resort world that night for our next day stay..

We prefer to stay at Sentosa resort world area this time because it's very near to...







.. Singapore Universal Studio..

Yey!!! This was the main reason why we came to Singapore.. Just recently open last month (Mac 2010).. ^_^..

To be continue..


lily lotus said...

betul ke ular tu was found kat guest seat? ke u saja nak tease us..haha..aduh scarynya!

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Eeee takut oh tu ular. kalau saya, saya lari tu sambil berteriakan hahahah.

Mummy Gwen said...

Not bad huh the Night Safari. :) I haven't been there before and I think I won't go lah..cannot see anything in the dark lah..hehe.

Oh ya..I forgot about Universal Studios in Singapore. Must be very enjoyable.

Lyn Yusoff said...

OMG!!! besarnyer ular tuh..
tapi betul ke kat guest seat..
scary tuh.....
klu i sure i lari lintang pukang dulu.. hahhaha

CathJ said...

Lily: Yes... Ular tu they hide bawah kerusi...dalam kotak... tak perasan pun.... ^_^... so jgn duduk kat middle udah... duk kat atas... pasti selamat hehehehhe...

MummyGwen: I think mst visit night safari... it's not clear on the camera but very clear in reality.. ^_^

mummysyafie said...

cath...pasal ular tu mmg scary la. sib baik dalam kotak..

violetmay said...

I miss Ben and Jerry T__T

Looks like a lot of fun there, I think it's time to plan a trip to S'pore :D