Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New York at Singapore Universal Studio P.2

Continue from my previous post.. Do check out all about Singapore Universal Studio on my previous post HERE.

We are tired.. hungry.. thirsty.. Blister on the feet.. -_-. We stop here to rest and have some simple food..

^_^.. Keep clean..

This was delicious..

Having Pizza.. Oh as simple as we can get and the cheapest(??).. ;-p

While having our food.. I saw Marilyn Monroe was on her spot for you to take photos with her..

Mmm.. May be a little bit Chubby.. But I *LOVE* to have this body!!! Ya I am weird.. ;-p..

Big B**ps.. creamy chubby flesh.. and FLAT TUMMY.. That's the most important thing.. which I don't have.. The flat Tummy!!! T______________T

Want to take photo with this famous icon?? This the line you have to go thru.. This was not a school holiday yet.. ~.@

I tot of joining the line when it shorter.. Unfortunately... When the times up.. The Icon will leave the place eventho' you still lining up.. -_-

So I missed it.. -_-

Gaya tu bah... ;-p (I mean me.. LOL)

Recognize him?? ^_^

Nice shop..

We are entering this show.. which showing some of the movie side effects on Steven Spealbergs Movie.

We were late.. but not too late too see the show..

Kevin Spielberg giving some intro on his works..

This was the studio where all the movie effects shown.. Recommended!! Must see this.. ^_^

This was an awesome show!! We planned to go for another round.. But my boy was complaining tired already.. so we canceled that plan.. ;-p

This was a huge shock for me.. LOL.. Suddenly a BIG ship come in into the small studio..

Must see this show.. ^_^

Betty Boop.. I was so tired already.. rambut pun siap sanggul hahahha.. too hot.. tired and sticky already.. ;-p

Another stage shows on different studio..

Ends of My Singapore Universal Studio post.. Oh wait!! I still have some randoms pics around there.. ^_^

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BuDakHutaN said...

siuk eh jalan2... kos? mahal ka tu aa? mean, yg masuk tu tempat

CathJ said...

Budak Hutan... Bole2 jugak oh... -_-.. S$72 if weekends or Holiday... So ambil cuti time weekdays la.. ;-p
I think dalam S$52 or 54.. YOu have to check my post la.. ada tu the infos.. ^_^

Margaret said...

WoW! Nice trip! cant wait for my trip there in DEC!

debrajill said...

hi hi! thank you for the info and pictures!! so nice la the universal studio! cant wait to go there~ u look very pretty ba CathJ, kalah tu marilyn monroe~ hehehh

CathJ said...

Debrajill: Kalah M.Monroe??? Ahhh itu sudah lebih2 tu... LOL...

Margaret: Wow.. seems a lot Malaysian will be going to Singapore Universal Studio this Dec.. ^_^

Mummy Moon said...

Like all your Singapore posts... Now I know how the universal studio look like, maybe want to bring the kids go therre ...

lily lotus said...

ohh marilyn monroe tu akan selamba pergi jer when times up ekk..haha..sabar jerlah

Serene said...

Marilyn Monroe looks so meaty to me.. hahaha. Betty Boop looks cute though.

CathJ said...

Serene: LOL...

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Ya bah si Marilyn Monroe bah montel lah pulak hehehe. Tapi cantik juga kan.