Saturday, May 15, 2010

Playing LUGE at Sentosa Island_Singapore

Last activity we did in Singapore.. Our flight will be very early in the next morning.. So we limit our tour..

Hubby really2 wanted to play this with my boy.. LUGE...

This is Luge.. ^_^

I forgot what is the ticket price for this.. Will ask hubby later.. Safety helmet for riders..

My boy really excited to do something with his dad..

My hubby asked me like 10x(?) want to join or not.. But I just want to stay down take their photo.. let them have the 'boy's thing' together.. ^_^

Lining up to go up the hill using a 'cable seats'.. (??)..

This will keep on moving.. and you have to sit fast.. ~.@ .. It move very slow tho'..

Going up up the hill.. Looks like very low.. But hubby said it was damn high.. luckily it was dark and you don't really see the height... LOL..

The best shot I got.. -_____-

Done with that.. we heading back to our hotel.. We took the train that available at the Sentosa Island.. every tour spot will have a station.. and it's FREE!!

When we come down from the train.. there were some Musical water fountain playing just near by the Universal Studio entrance.. It's Free.. ^_^ (But of coz cannot fight the Song Of The Sea la.. )

But If you want something free.. this is not bad at all.. still interesting..


This was what I mean on my previous post.. Siap ada api2 lagi.. ;-p

Next.. Just some random photos I captured along the way heading to our hotel..


The purple Merlion..


Back to hotel around 10 something at night.. We tot can have good food from the hotel.. Unfortunately they don't have in house food service.. -____-

Hubby have to go down and find food for us.. Mummy??? Betabiat camwhore!! ;-p...

That's a wrapped!!!!

Next morning.. Take taxi (Asked hotel receptionist to booked that night) to airport.. On the way.. hubby noticed the taxi driver was asleep while driving!!!! ~.@

I didn't know about it until we were on the plane.. I asked hubby why he suddenly asking weird question to the driver.. than hubby told me the driver was asleep while driving.. Jeez!! Make sure you keep on eyes on your Taxi driver..

My hubby questions to the driver: err.. Uncle...are you a Singaporean?? (In my mind that time.. what's wrong with my hubby.. the Chinese uncle was obviously a Singaporean what... LOL)

OK..Ok.. done.. now.. My next trip after this???






Reanaclaire said...

yes, my kids experienced the luge before.. they have fun.. me? i just waited for them .. :p

CathJ said...

Claire: Mom's job hehehhehehe...

Mummy Gwen said...

All of us went for the Luge too. Gwen with Daddy and I went alone. Very fun. The cable ride was very scary. We went during the day. It was very high and my knees gone weak..haha.

I'm impressed you all went to s many places in such a short time. *salute*

CathJ said...

Mummy Gwen: serious ahhh??? very high?? wahhh luckily went at night hahahhaha...

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Macam go kart lah pulak kan?.

Astaga tu driver tertidur time driving?. Ampun...macam lucu tapi takut juga kan.