Monday, May 31, 2010

Rawa Island (Mersing, Johor)_ Room review

I just came back from Penang today.. actually should be home yesterday.. but seems there was some unfinished business among the families.. We extended another night..

I miss my home.. ^_^.. Feel good to be back at home...


I wanted to continue my Rawa Island trip here.. This trip was few weeks ago.. and I am having a great time here.. well 2 nights is ok.. going for 3 night means stranded for me.. ;-p

Another view when I 1st stepped on the jetty..

Checking in..

Welcome drinks..

We stayed at the garden view room.. which cost us around RM700++... My in laws having the sea view room.. cost RM900++... Per night... and we stayed 2 nights..


Entering our room.. 1st thing I spotted.. ;-p.. But so far there were no electricity cut off during our stay.. Morning and night No problem..

The only problem that we faced was tap water supply.. We do have water but, it's like been limited to certain amount for every used.

So use your water wisely.. the water will 'uploaded', no worries.. just have to wait about 5-10minutes (??).. (Habis lah if time pakai shampoo... ;-p)

This was the room that we have..

I am not that comfortable with the bed sheet.. It's like damp and sticky.. you might need to bring your own cover if you quite choosy.. I am not that choosy.. but my skin very itch when sleeping on it.. -_-

No TV... No telephone line.. (My in laws room got TV.. )

Aircond and fan available..

The bathroom..

The sink..

Have own balcony..

With this view.. Kweng.. kweng.. kweng... But it's ok.. we never hang around here anyway... ^_^

It was about 10am that moment.. we took a nap and rest for a while before lunch.. (Oh yes.. Breakfast.. Lunch.. dinner.. provided.. buffet style )

To be Cont.. :)


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Macam busy juga ni tempat kan?. Heheh ketawa saya tengok gambar si JL kena block guna butterfly. Terus nampak cute.

UmmiRosma said...

Mahalnye....tak mampu I kalo pegi tinggal kat situ CathJ. The garden view is 'fabulous' hehehehe..

CathJ said...

SJB: hehehehhe... lantui... kan ... ;-p

Ros: The view biasa2 je Ross... ye lah Ros.. kalau selalu... uh mak...mahal... -_-

Kniedaz said...

700++? wah mahal juga ya

Mummy Gwen said... expensive!! We cannot afford lah.