Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Visiting Some places in Ipoh_Perak

We check out from our hotel, Tower Regency Hotel Ipoh.. early that day.. tot of visiting some places before heading home.

(I actually don't want to published this photos.. Not that interesting.. but seems this blog is about my travel journey too.. So I think I should post this anyway.. for my own ref in future.. ^_^)

This time we just select anything that listed on our GPS.. 1 of it was Ipoh Japanese Garden..

Hubby said.. it's ok just click and see what they have.. Nah ini lah the garden.. ^_^.. It's a small garden.. well it's clean.. Nothing much to see.. But still managed to snap some pics.. ^_^



I heard my boy start calling me.. (My boy and hubby wait in the car).. ^_^.. So I left.

Next plan to visit the Kellie's Castle.. But hubby stopped at 1 of the temple.. he say it's nice.. just want to have a short look.. ~.@

I didn't see anybody coming this area.. But I just follow him..

Well the houses looks nice at least.. feels in China.. ^_^


Nice China garden..



Saw tiny people on the rock.. ^_^

Hubby wanted to go deeper inside the area.. I have a none easy feeling about it.. But still follow him at the back.. worried will missed some nice view.. ;-p

I saw 1 building like burning something.. Ohh.. in my mind shout 'Bakar mayat kut'... I told hubby.. this place may be 'that' place.. I quickly turn back with my boy... and hubby followed... he said.. 'ya oh... I think it's that place'...

Nah 'koto'.....

On the way heading to Kellie's Castle.. stop by at road side to buy 'Buah Pamerloh'..

In Sabah usually we will call 'buah Cina'.. ;-p.. ada orang panggil Buah Barli(??). This fruit famous in Ipoh... I can see small shops selling it everywhere.. ^_^


mummysyafie said...

buah apa ni babe erkk? limau tambun ke? or i silap..

lily lotus said...

very the china look lah the houses...

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

canik juga tu tempat macam kau di China lah pulak kan tapi tu lah salah tempat sudah rupa rupa nya tempat bakar mayat ampunnnnnnnn lariiiiii hahahha.

Bukan buah barli kah tu?.

CathJ said...

I don't know.. Orang panggil buah parmeloh.. ^_^