Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flying!! (Penang p.3)

After check in to the hotel and have a short nap.. it's play time.. ^_^

Heading to the beach (We need to across the road to the other building of Holiday Inn beside the beach).

Few activities besides playing sand and swimming on the beach side..

Can go for a massage..


Flying with the Para-shoot.. ^_^

Horse riding..

Trying all the water 'toys' like banana boat.. and water jet ski..

Or may be just relaxing on the beach side.. ^_^

My boy just want to play with the sand.. Tidak sabar sudah ni.. ;-p

Want to let my boy try this but he scared.. ~.@

I am eying on this.. ^_^

It's a good weather..

and almost sunset..

So daddy go have fun 1st.. they choose the water jet ski.. (My hubby waving.. *rolled eyes*)

My BIL and SIL..

..and mummy buat apa????

Well.. baby sitting... T________________T... Sometimes me and hubby will argue who will 'play' 1st.. ;-p..

Yeah.. don't think we married.. we getting older (adehhh...) and have kids we don't want to have fun.. LOL.. We do!!! ^_^..

So this was the time where mummy and daddy have to 'cus songking' (Nah Orang sabah ja tau ni.. ;-p ;-p)..

But as usual.. who will always have the 'greatest heart'??... definitely the MOM.. we mom will always let 'the daddy' have fun 1st.. and we take care of our precious 1... ^_^

Daddy done and it's mummy turn.. I choose to try this.. My very 1st time ever!! -__-

Rm50 per ride.. per fly(??).. at this moment... suddenly in my thought said "What am I put my self into".. wakakakaka... Coz I am so lah penakut nombor 1... especially height!! (Tapi sampai juga Puncak Gunung Kinabalu... ;-p ;-p)..

My hubby orang yang paling nervous when I said I want to try this no matter what.. He already imagine I am acting like 'hysteria' during the take off... Do you believe that????? ~.@

(Well.. I admit.. my knee was shaking a bit.. ;-p)

I request for a 'tutor' (a guy who will be beside you) coz.. I am not sure I can pull the string during landing..

At this moment.. the tutor ask me to run as fast as I can..

Are you crazy?? I feels like running and pulling a big truck at the back... LOL!!!

But I managed to fly.. (This photo is just an example.. that was not me on the photo.. -_-.. my 'cameraman' tidak pandai ambil gambar.... Urghhhhh!!!)

A boat will help to pull you and bring to the ocean.. When I flew off.. I don't even managed to feel a single scared.. because the view was spectacular!!!!!

The tutor was at the back of me (We got distance.. so you won't feel him and it's like you were alone).. so it's felt like you flying alone...

Yipppieee... I am flying!!!! I can see a wide open ocean.. Beautiful!!!! I wish I was holding my camera to take the view.. But seems this was my 1st time.. I just don't dare to do anything silly.. ;-p

There you goes I am in the ocean..

I definitely gonna do this again..and again..and again... (alamak RM50 per ride... -_-).. The truth is I just do once that time.. may be next time on other place (I saw KK have this too.. oppss.. out of topic.. )

k.. I am landing soon...

Tada...I am done!

Now it's time to make our boy happy... ^_^.. I wish he can swim like his dad.. don't become like mom.. -_-

It's dawn.. Time to look for dinner... ^_^

To be continue..


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Wah..berani juga kau ah?. kalau saya huhu jangan lah, kena kasih free ride pun tidak mahu hehehe.

CathJ said...

SJB: You go with me... I am sure you will ketagih... ^_^

Reanaclaire said...

wahhh..u dare ah.. i darent!! pg one cost 60rm.. so u have overcome yr height phobia !:)

mummysyafie said...

nak naik jugak la cath..macam best

CathJ said...

mummysyafie: Bestttttttttttt ^_^

Claire: ahahhaha... I need to do it 10x a day for a year... I think than I will overcome the height phobia.. ;-p ;-p

UmmiRosma said...

Im a height phobia I dont dare jugak nak naik tu...aduhaiii...ada ka patut I ter'imagine' kalo I naik jugak takut ter'landing' kat sea...eeee....

So the tutor bawa you cakap2 lah during flying? Bole dgr suara dia ke kat udara tu?

You are such a brave mommy! Salute you my dear..

d1n0za said...

Still having fun in Penang i see. :-) Must try para-sailing and jet ski soon. Haven't tried any of these.

CathJ said...

Dino: Oh we call that para-sailing??? oh ic.. LOL.. Penang was my previous trip bro.. ;-p

Ros: I pun ada imagine bukan2 tapi... ala tolak ke tepi...hhehehhehe... so far tak de org yg jatuh time tu..hehehhe... ada life jacket pun.. ^_^

and.. ada lah tutor tu ask me... "1st time??" ha tu ja lah... I prefer we dont talk la.. mau menikmati the view.. ;-p

Mummy Gwen said...

You are afraid of heights but you went for para-sailing? Means you conquered your fear already lah..haha.

lily lotus said...

oh my! beraninya u :)...kalau i boleh pengsan masa tengah fly tu..hahaa

LadyKath said...

wow!! cool!! i want to fly too.. i'm sure it would be very nice to view everything from up there.. u should have took some photos! ;)

nice blog & i'm following u, k? coz i like travel too! mayb all 'cath' r like that.. lol.. =p

MaureenJ said...


Kris and Nadia said...

Ini membuatkan sya jeles ni tau..hihi :)

Anonymous said...

Ya cath kk ada tu. Macam syok oh tingu ko tapi sa ndak berani woh...ko tidak debar2 mula2 tu??