Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Manukan Island (Kota Kinabalu)_p.1

Welcome to Manukan Island..

The 1st island I visited during my trip (doing my article ^_^).. Frankly speaking.. this is the only Island that I always visited when I was still staying in KK (Always??.. baru 2..3 kali pun.. ;-p).

I think I did came to Sapi Island.. but it was like how many decades ago.. when I was still small.. imagine that..

The islands was so near.. yet we as KK citizen don't really explore them.. *bite finger*

To come here (Or any other islands) it only takes about 10-15minutes.. The best part is this island is only around KK town.. you don't have to travel far to reach them..

Lot's of fishes here.. (Bring extra bread.. to feed them ;-p)

Beautiful long beaches..

Can you spot few rooftop around the jungle? Yes.. you can stay here..

Click Sutera Santuary Lodges to know the prices.

I love the sea view!!

I think Manukan jetty is the most beautiful among the other 4 island (Ok some island no jetty 1 k..).. ^_^

Looking at the girls playing with fish.. Will do the same on my next visit.. ^_^

I am happy to see the beach was clean.. my last visit was quite a disappointment.. Totally happy to see the improvement.. Hope it will last this way..

The Island entrance.. you have to pay RM3 (Malaysian).. International (RM10).. My boy 4yrs was free entrance..

View back to the jetty.. (Aik moi?? Kau gambar saya kah tu?? Perasan sudah ni.. ;-p ;-p)

Ya.. their site.. ~.@

Few pic of the lodges..



Lot's of trees around..


Going to the other part of the beach..

Small food store.. You can get something like burger.. fried mee and drinks here..

..and have it here.. ^_^

Beach view for you to drool.. ;-p


To be continue..

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Mimi said...

Confirm la saya pi island hopping nanti balik KK ni... I drag my husband along if I have too! hahaha!

CathJ said...

hahahhaha... all the best mi... oh ya...nanti I email k.. *wink*

Mummy Gwen said...

Great article. I rated already. Good Luck. :)

P/S: The Minnie hairband is selling at Rp49,500.

CathJ said...

Thanks Mummy Gwen..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful places...

d1n0za said...

Should check out Mantanani Island at Kota Belud. :-)

vialentino said...

woooooow.....manukan island is so beautiful ler...better than redang and perhentian leh

lily lotus said...

gatalnya kaki nak berenang kat the beach..aduhai :D

CathJ said...

Dinoza: ya.. 1 at the time.. sipadan...kataking... all in the list.. BEWARE... ;-p

CathJ said...

kataking?? Mataking.. ;-p ;-p..correction...opsss...

mummysyafie said...

my friend selalu kater pulau manukan ni best tuk honeymoon. iyer ke cath?

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Makin cantik oh ni island.