Monday, August 9, 2010

Fishing Village Restaurant, Semenyih (Selangor)

We found a new place to eat.. Just around Semenyih (Near by Kajang). I saw the ads on the advertising book posted in our mail box.. But never had a chance to go and try.

I am tempted to try this place because of the environment.. Few days ago, I have the chance to eat there and here are my review..

Fishing Village Restaurant, Semenyih.
(Location: Follow the Sg. Tekala way.. I have the address. Will post it later)

We came early.. around 7pm.. I think the best time. Still not much people..

Beautiful view of the lake..

Another great view..

The restaurant view..

More romantic.. you can have your food just next to the lake.. Mosquito?? I don't want to lie.. there was but not that bad.. I face like 1 or 2 during my dinner.. ^_^

Another view of the restaurant.. looks empty.. but later after that.. the table was almost full!!

We went for 2nd time and it's totally full!!! So better come early.. ^_^

Our menu that night.. We go for normal dishes.. Omelet (Must have this.. for my boy.. ~.@)

Japanese Tauhu.. (Also for my boy.. unfortunately he doesn't want to eat it coz the chef cut it long.. my boy will only eat it if the Japanese Tauhu cut in circle shape.. o.O)

We ordered 2 fish that night.. both Talapia but cooked with different style.. I didn't write a note about this 1.. The fish was fried and covered with amazing ingredients which contain peanuts.. chopped lemon grass.. chopped lime and others that I can't really discover..

I love the flavour.. sour.. sweet.. and a little bit of spicy.. Nyum!!!

Closer look of the ingredients.. (I tried the Fish cooked with Thai style too... ohh.. that's awesome too!!)

2nd fish.. Just normal steam.. My in law said.. 'Yaw-wat'.. ^_^


Lastly.. Just order 1 veggie.. The Paku-Pakis fried garlic..

I am having a great time.. food delicious.. I just took 2 spoon of rice that night and 'wallop' lot's of fish and veggie..

Total price : RM80++ (For 5 of us)..

PS: This restaurant halal food (Owner Chinese and Malay)


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Murah juga kan?. Terpingin saya mahu makan tu ikan hehehe.

mummysyafie said...

RM80 untuk 5 orang?? murah jugak kan..

Annie said...

Sadap juga ni, lapar sa nampak terus oh .. :D

lily lotus said...

kena pergi gak ni..mcm menarik tempat tu

CathJ said...

For me consider murah jugak... depends on what menu lah... on my next visit.. we got rm160++ (8 org).. 6 menu...

Kniedaz said...

looks yummy cath!

Nana said...

OoOoO tengok all the delicious food ... rasa macam nak menangis!! sooo seddappp!!!!

Mimi said...

Ikan dia Telapia saja ka? Because I don't really like fresh water fish. Tapi macam saya mau pi try la ni, tidak juga mahal kan?

UmmiRosma said...

Hi dear...Im back..

I love tilapia fish...nampak memang sedap lah...*salivating*

The pakis ferm vege tu pun sedaplah..

CathJ said...

Mimi: Not bad.. nice.. they have seafood juga... kena dtg sendiri tu tau baru tau... I didn't really check if there are sea fish served..hihihi...

Ros: lamaaaa nya... menghilang ke mana tu???? ^_^

Rahma said...

Cath: my baby's kicking when i read this post hahahaa... kesian, he might be wondering knp teda breakfast today. i've been telling baby tht we are fasting, starting today, br dia diam. so, paksa la i skip ur post yg ada mkn2 hehehee

Anonymous said...

Really sadap tu talapia yang satu tu not yang the biasa punya steam fish tu. Talapia masak apa tu fren mana tau sini kk ada begitu punya masakan..ikan dia hehehehe

Shirley S Wong said...

uinah..sadap2 bah tu makanan...
kalau sia bukan lagi 2 scoop nasi ja....2 piring trus bah hehehe...