Monday, August 16, 2010

Heading to Gayana eco resort (Kota Kinabalu)

The last Island of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park I visited was of coz the Gayana eco Resort Island. I have to take another day for this trip..

Waiting area for Gayana Island..

I am taking the half day trip to this resort.. I also plan to have my own food (Lunch) when I reached in the Island.

Ticket : RM66 per person (Adult) tour with guide.

Some of the tourist are just came back from an Island.. and wanted to continue their excitement to Gayana eco resort..

My mom panic kena suruh duduk depan.. hihihi... The journey are peaceful.. slow ride..

Part of the Gaya Island.. *Sigh*.. Orang Sabah saja tau whose housing all this.. and I tell you they almost conquer the whole Island..

Don't believe me?? Just look at this.. Another country is about to establish. (Took this on the way back home to KL)

Mau cakap tidak suka.. susah juga.. May be they just need to be educated to live harmony with locals and together taking care and loving the country, try to have legal working pass to stay.. lastly Pay tax together (Boleh??).

*Sigh* not totally supporting their existence (yg tiada Pass)... tapi... some of them rajin bekerja..boleh tolong org local.. ;-p

Ok enough about them.. menyimpang lah pula.. ~.@

It's a beautiful Sunny weather.. actually it was raining season in KK that time. Fortunately for 2 days working on my article, I am blessed with a good weather.. (It was raining when we reached the jetty and managed to enter our car in dry condition ^_^). Thank God.

The boat dropped us on this jetty, where the eco Marine center located. The view was awesome..

Spotted few chalet under progress..

I love the long jetty surrounded with the blue seawater.. can't help myself must took a photo here. ^_^

Very clear vision.. but my camera just can't captured the real beauty..

Me, my mom and my boy was the only guest that day.. perfect! ^_^.. We were greeted by the eco marine center staff to guide us on this tour.

To be continued..


KiFli MaLLy said...

welcome to sabah sis but my hometown at sandakan still not reaching there yet...maybe one day i will take a vacation on that island :P

Mimi said...

Adeh.. Punya cantik tu gambar laut.. Gatal hati sudah ni.. But they said Gayana Eco Resort is very expensive, ya kan?

UmmiRosma said...

Nak pegi sana...budget belum cukup daaaa....cantik sungguh..!

CathJ said...

Mimi: I don't want to lie... ya mahal... -_-.. dorang target org putih ja ni...hihihi... but if got the money why not!!! Bcoz my opinion... it's worth... paling murah lah rm700++...

Mummy Gwen said...

So calm and serene. Wah...out of my budget too.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Mahal bah...I think the goverment should have new rules that malaysian citizen have at least 25% off reduction from the price charge to overseas tourist. I think like Taman rama-rama or taman burung in KL has different ticket price for local and oversea tourist.

CathJ said...

Malay-kadazan: ya..I think the same way too.. :)

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Malay-Kadazan girl. Patutnya malaysian should not pay that much.. macamana mo galakkan org sendiri bercuti kalau telampau mahal, like pigi poring that day.. mmg percutian tetap every year for my family. Oredi book chalet, bila sampai sana tekejut mak.. only 4 person allowed.. and cooking2 no more ya. padahal kami dtg 3 keta frm tawau lagi tu... last2 biar angus gitu ja. luckyly we found Telekom resort and can fit all my family together... klu x balik KB malam2 buta. Gov should look into this matter.

Anonymous said...

Mak aiii mahalnyerrr, klu 1 mlm smpi RM700... Bagus ambik tiket murah airasia pigi Bali.. melancong juga namanya .. hehe

Iriene said...

RM700 per night, Expensive...include makan ke? Nice view, have not been to KK :)

CathJ said...

Rm700++ lagi tu tau... ada plus plus di belakang... I am not sure kalau ada masuk makan... silap2 lain charge... but nda berani cakap lah kan... I haven't make a full review on the stay for Gayana... almost... tapi dia ckp kena stay 3 mlm minimum kalau mau buat diving... terus sia cancel...hahahahha...

700++ x3... belum masuk diving course.. -_-

MJ: betul bah!!! tiada sudah mcm yg dulu... alahai.... mau di review tu tau...astagaaaa... hangus ja mcm tu... eeeeeeeeeeeee... sakit hati oh...

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Makin cantik ni tempat tapi duit pun makin cantik hahahha.