Monday, August 2, 2010

Sulug Island (Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, KK)

Happy working all.. to them who are on sick leave.. get well soon ya..

I suppose to post about Mamutik Island next.. But I just remembered.. after Manukan Island.. our next trip was to Sulug Island.

So here we are heading to Sulug Island. This was my first time to Sulug Island.. and I actually didn't know that this Island is 1 of the 5 Islands for Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

Our handsome driver.. ;-p ;-p

When we reached the Island.. the driver told me that no need to go down to the island. Because there was no jetty and boat are not able to go near the land. He said if I wanted to go to the Island.. I have to go thru the water.

Water looks so beautiful and clear.. and I was so tempted to jump LOL.. (Bagus kalau pandai berenang.. ;-p)

The driver told us that.. once upon a time ago.. there was a resort here but ruined by a wind disaster.. so up to today the island was left alone.. he said again.. No body comes here..

He seems like wanted to make move faster from this Island.. ~.@

Few second later.. we saw a group of people came out from the jungle.. My mom asked the boatman.. What are they doing?? From where??

The boatman just silent and start to make a move.. well ok never mind.. ~.@

I tell you the water was so clear!!

I saw a nice looking yacht(?)..

Boat are moving now..

Clear clear water.. I tell you if my hubby was with me that moment.. I sure jump to the water.. hihihi.. (ada bodyguard kan.. ;-p)

Boat moving. The boatman didn't actually leave the island but he brought us to the other part of the island..



The other side of the island.. beautiful!!

Note: When I reached home.. I happened to show my brother this photos.. He told me that this was the island that they were stranded before.. (There was this time.. he, my hubby and my father went for fishing.. and the weather changed badly.. their boat broke down hit by the strong waves and luckily they stranded in an island.. and the island was this)

He told me that.. this island was quite creepy.. o.O.. and on top of the hills got lots of grave yard.. @.@. (No wonder abang boatman mau balik cepat je.. Ishh ish ishh...)

If you are visiting the island.. you still can see their broken boat there.. hihihi..

Oh.. 1 more thing.. my brother said, the beach side was very deep.. even on the beach shore the depth was about his chest... @.@ Nasib gua tak lompat...

I heard a lot of feedback about this island too.. some said it's haunted.. *gulp*... I am not sure how true it is..

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Reanaclaire said... wonder he didnt want to say much, u ladies some more.. nanti scream, he feels helpless...

Kniedaz said...

sayangnya nampak cantik tapi haunted..huhu..

Mouren said...

Cj, uiks...ter smpi juga ko di sana ya...hehehe...

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Tidak pulak saya pernah dengar/nampak ni island oh., nasib juga kamu tidak pigi turun, nanti ada yang kena tarik kaki hahaha.

Anonymous said...

I never knew pula sulug island nie teda penghuni & haunted. Jadi siapa kah yang kamu nampak ada orang keluar dari tu pulau??? Cud it be???

cindy said...

Eh really?? This island is haunted?? I never been there lagi, I think... hahahaha. Lagi haunted lagi siok! I wanna go!!!!

vialentino said...

u r so bad lah....make me tempt to go holiday now only.. .... really nice lah and how come u got to travel here and there lately? on assignment?

CathJ said...

Via: Yes.. as the finalist for the Borneocolour blogger awards.. we were given a task to make an article about a tourism in our own hometown. So I choose to wrote about the Tunku abdul rahman park which consist of this 5 islands.. you can check out my humble article by clicking the image on top of my blog... and help me by giving a good rate k.. (hihihi).. coz we still on the run for the contest.. the winner will be based on the most rated article bro.. and the prize?? 10k... how's that.. LOL... but it's true.. wish me luck bro.. ^_^

Cindy: hehehhehe.... cuba try kinam bah...

Rosc: May be itu group of people baru siap mengubur org.. ~.@

MK: ya bah... LOL..

Mimi said...

No wonder la ramai org tidak pigi sana kan? haunted pula.. but it's still so beautiful la.. The water is so clear!

mummysyafie said...

cath, air nya macam gelas la..jernih betul

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..the water is so clear. What haunted? *shivers*