Sunday, September 26, 2010

River at Hawa Resort, Janda Baik Pahang

Kalau ikut kan hati.. I am so lazy to update blog today.. Nausea getting worst.. I vomited everything.. and I saw my yummy Bacon I ate just now are all out.. -_-

But I just have to put this up in my journal before I forgot about it.. It might not interesting for you.. but this is very sweet for me must keep in my journal.. ^_^

Photo all the way.. less talking..




Mummy cannot mandi lor... -_- (Nampak kaki ja.. )




I asked both of them to try sitting on the falling water.. have massage.. (Maklum lah gua kan pro mandi sungai time kecil2 dulu.. ;-p... tapi heran sampai sekarang nda pandai berenang.. -_-)

Time to go back.. but somebody don't want to go home.. ~.@ (Terpaksa mummy keluar suara naga... nah, cepat bah keluar.. ~.@)


After shower.. sitting outside the balcony.. I saw something on top the tree..



Shirley S Wong said...

Punya best mandi di sini ni cath...:) But, i know ur situation...take care always ya...i'm always keep in touch with ur lovely blog...

CathJ said...

sherl: bah.... terima kasih lah jadi pembaca setia...hahahhahah... sudah update blog kah... bisuk mau terjah... pening sudah ni tengok laptop lama2... uh huuuu...

my Angel Closet said...
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Mummy Moon said...

Kl is so hot , I also wanna dip inside the water, must be very cooling. I bet the boy had a good time splashing with water until don't want to go home, hehe

Reanaclaire said...

malaysia got so many resorts i also dont know.. hahaha..

lily lotus said...

cantiknya air sungai dia..lama sungguh tak berendam gini

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Suka betul si JL main air kan?. Macam ikan lah pulak hehehe.

CathJ said...

bah.. bapa dia ikan paus... mesti lah ikut... jgn mcm mummynya... uh huuu... ;-p

Mummy Gwen said...

Seronoknya main air. :)