Monday, October 18, 2010

I-CITY, Shah Alam_ P.2

Happy Monday all..

Today just want to continue my I-City visit last week.. enjoy the photos.. ^_^

I-City Part 1 HERE.


To enter this area you will need a ticket (It was just on the entry tickets you paid before entering)

You can use the ticket for this animal land or to choose the 'snow land'.. ;-p





Last pic before home..

This is where the 'Snow land' were.. I noticed they did not ON all the light on normal day.. there were a huge Christmas tree there but no light.. I think they will only ON that during Christmas.

We don't have any ticket to go for the 'Snow land'.. we used it on the animal land already.. I actually don't want to go for this anymore.. but my boy insist..

Well.. seems we came here from a long way.. so 'alang2 mandi biar basah'.. (Betul kah ni?? ;-p)

Sacrifice... Go for a longggggggggg queue.. -_-.. (Pay for RM2 perperson lagi) It's hot!!! sweating.. What I put myself into.. ~.@

Inside.. kweng... kweng... kweng.. Not bad... Snow buatan sendiri... Yang penting... aircond kuat!!!! phiewww....

My boy happy because it cold in here.. ;-p


My only photo.. ^_^

(Yeah.. Very often using the preggy jumper dress.. My tummy now getting bigger.. I can't fit any of my pants anymore.. I only have 2 preggy pants.. and the easiest and fastest way to dress up is to use this jumper.. I just have to pick a blouse and walla.. I am good to go.. ~.@)

My 1st preggy dress ever.. hubby wanted to see me with dress on this pregnancy so he bought this for me.. my 1st pregnancy I never wore any dress... ;-p


Last pic for today..

(My boy keep on asking.. Mummy?? where is mickey??) o.O He tot this is Disneyland.. ~.@


Amanda Christine Wong said...

OMAI! this place ELECTRIFYING! pun intended XD

AngeL BeaR said...

i went there last July ada pasang tu christmas tree....but dunno pula ada tu snowland...isk isk........*mau tarik dulu itu guide pigi sana balik*

CathJ said...

Angel: aik?? ada tarik balik kah?? heheehheheh

Annie said...

How nice, Cath!

Teda ka yang full body punya photograph? Hehe.. I was hoping to see you in ur maternity dress nih hehehe! Nampak sampai pinggang ja. Hee! Lebih2 pula sa ni :-p

Lamanya sudah sa inda pigi Shah Alam ni..

CathJ said...

Annie: ya ampun... ada juga org berminat mau tingu badan ku yg montel dan perut yg sedang membuncit ini??? aduhhhhh... hahahahhaha.... nanti lah... ^_^

KenMAHD said...

Yay snow land!!!santa claus is coming!!!!

Mummy Gwen said...

Nice photos. Ok got my little tour already. Haha..your boy asked where is Mickey? too cute.

Anonymous said...

Helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more!

Anonymous said...

this is the way a blog should be! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's amazing to see the snowalk in our beloved country. I plan to bring my loved one to go here on 8.1.2011(Saturday). Are they open on weekend? Do I need to buy ticket? How much per pax? Open from and till what time? I'm sorry to post you so many questions as I tried to search in google there is no information regarding of these.haha..Sorry yea....Appreciate if you could let me know about this...Thanks in advance and happy new year...Cheers! :)

CathJ said...

Hi Issac: Nxt time may be can send me an email.. ^_^..

-Yes they opened on Weekend.
-Yes there is an entrance ticket about RM10 per car. Entrance ticket to the whole area.. have no choice.. once you plan to enter this area (Shopping lot area and the lighting wonderland will be just around it).. you have to pay for the entrance ticket, even tho you are not planning to go to this lighting wonderland area.. -_-