Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HK Disneyland (Main Street USA night view)

This is some pics on the Main Street USA during night time.. Yeah we stay at Disney until night (Until the closing ceremony.. the beautiful fireworks at Sleeping beauty castle).

Enjoy the magical night.. ^_^

Click for larger view

Just look at the crowd.. When we was about to go home.. saw 1 mummy crying.. lost her child.. Poor thing.

So.. it is advisable to put sticker on your kids shirt with your tour agent contact number or the hotel number.. or maybe your cell phone number??


My camera can't really take the beauty of the light.. it was much more beautiful in reality..

(Oh.. Hope this Christmas dapat DSLR.. ;-p)


Some fireworks show along the Main street USA too.. but this was not the grand 1..

Spot a fake cake.. ;-p


View towards the Ginger bread house.. you can see the Sleeping beauty castle..


The Ginger bread house at night..



That's all for Main street USA.. ^_^

Next to Tomorrow land area..


Cookie said...

Hi! thanks for the comment. I love your blog. Hope I can travel with you, hehehe.. Thanks for sharing the wonderful places you've been to.

Yee Ling said...

Planning to go next yr with my kids, but i m just freak out to see the crowd..Gee...will have to tie them badly...LOL!!

CathJ said...

Mommy Ling: Oh ya lorrr... Too crowded.. -_- (especially during school holiday)

lily lotus said...

tgklah the fake cake tu. tempting habis!

Ratnariz said...

hi cj ..im going there trow..hmmm ..n will be staying in the disney hotel for 2 night...thank you for the guide cuma i need to know every ride need to purchase ticket ka? or once bila masuk together la tu the ticket all?

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Punya cantik tu pokok x'mas.

mummysyafie said...

cantik nya cath, bila la ai boleh sampai sini..