Friday, December 10, 2010

Disney's Hollywood Hotel at HK Disneyland

Here are some photos for our 1st day stay at Hollywood Hotel at HK Disneyland.

Pathway to our room..

We requested for extra bed (From our tour agent).. so this is what we get during the checked in..

The bath room..



Cute stuff.. ^_^.. all With Disney character..

Inside the cup.. 3 cups with 3 toothbrush..


Our pantry..

Inside the wardrobe.. and hey there was a note on our slipper (With Disney mark).. They asked us to bring home as a souvenirs.. so nice.. we got 2 adult and 1 kid slipper.. ^_^



Our room was having the garden view.. These are the only 2 main hotel in the HK Disneyland Island.. The HK Disneyland Hotel and The Disney's Hollywood hotel (The nearest to Disneyland la).. But staying outside HK Disney Island is not that far juga..

Our room price approx around RM660++ per night..(Updated price.. wrongly converted before). Dec is a peak season.. if not peak season will be around RM500++.

You can stay outside the Disneyland Island too.. Much more cheaper and can arrange your tour or bus pick up with your tour agent..

But if you are staying at any 2 of the Disney hotel.. there will be a shuttle bus from the hotel..

Only managed to captured this from outside.. ^_^

Next day.. we heading to Mongkok with our next tour.


UmmiRosma said...

Very nice...tentu your boy felt very excited. However kalo the bed sheets ada M&M's images lagi best kan...

The garden view is fantastic too...ngam betul lah dgn rate hotel ni.

Mimi said...

Very nice! Cute! Your boys must have loved it so much there!

Mummy Gwen said...

Very nice. I wish to stay here too one day.

CHINA DOLL said...

Nice...ohh... tp jauh nya tu kan?

CHINA DOLL said...

Nice...ohh... tp jauh nya tu kan?

CathJ said...

Tiada jauh lah mui.. ini 2 hotel ja yg terdekat dgn Disneyland.. betul2 berada di disneyland island..

kalau hotel luar.. kena keluar dari disney island lah.. tapiii... I rasa HK is small.. mana2 pun dekat juga... ^_^

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said... oh. Kalau kami yang pigi for sure ni budak budak jadi gila hahahah. I mean gila happy hehehe.

LittleLamb said...

OMG. I AM SO BODOH. the toiletries inside the mickey mouse cup got toothbrush/toothpaste..i tak tau. when i saw it..i thought it was a cup. so biar. never use, never open.. Aiseh...if i knew, surely i bring home