Thursday, December 30, 2010

HK Aberdeen Harbour

You all know tomorrow is a Public Holiday right?? All because of our footballer team won the match.. Congrats to them again.. ^_^

Trying to put up all my HK story before new year here.. ;-p

We took a traditional boat for this tour.. Very slow ride boat..

Take the chance to have a visit on this area.. because it might be the last time we can witness this.. The people who living in the boat are lesser now.. because their goverment encourage them to have a life on the land.

Beautiful restaurant.. We did not go down to the restaurant.. Tour guide said.. expensive.. ;-p


I can see not much people staying on the boat anymore.. Tour guide said.. last time the river almost full.. They believed that HK started from a huge group of this junks (Chinese wooden boat) until they found HK Island.. they started to migrate to the land..

They sleep.. eat.. making babies on the boat.. ~.@ (If me sudah pening ni... mabuk laut.. )

Their government always encourage them to come to the land and have a proper place for them to stayed.. but some still prefer to stay and died there..

The tour guide said.. may be within 5 to 10 years from now.. we will not see any of this anymore.. So I think I am lucky to experience this..



Nah.. ada massage chair lagi.. ;-p


My boy.. excited with the tour..

There are few expensive boat around too.. but this is belong to the riches only.. :D. Not staying there.. but it's a place where they park their boat.

We are almost done with the tour (about 35minutes).. suddenly our boat driver... the old auntie.. open the covered box.. nah.. jual souvenir.. That's how they live for a living.. selling souvenirs..

Our tour guide offer to take a group photo of us... Ok lah.. ^_^

My 5 month baby bump... besar kan.. Imagine now... aduh... mau bangun dari katil pun susah.. -_-

I got 1 last post to publish as a wrap..


MommyAngel said...

It's good that you and your boy doesn't get sea sick! My Angel is very prone to sea sick. Apatah lagi if I am pregnant, surely on a taxi I also will feel dizzy!

You glows in the picture Cath! Love your preggie look so much :)

Lizeewong said...

I smiled when you say, sleep, eat.. and making babies on the boat hehehe..Buli imagine ba kan...

Syok oh your get to experience lots of interesting stuff. :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...your baby bump is big. You do look glowing Cath. :)