Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HK at night

Watching the HK night view at Victoria Peak..

Cannot stay outside too long.. Too cold and windy.. ^_^

Later after that.. we are heading down the hill (By our tour bus..) heading to our last stop..

Our tour guide brought us to walk around the Lan Kwai Fong road.. For them this is the most famous road lah ni..

Lot's of bars here..

The road is walking up a hill.. and this is very challenging for me as being pregnant.. Kalau jalan rata.. boleh lah.. kalau naik bukit.. Oh no.. surrender.. -_-

So half way.. I told hubby I don't want to go.. actually the rest of the group was tired too.. and everybody decided to go back hotel.. ;-p..

What I saw while waiting for our bus.. a stall jual baju just in front of COACH.. ngeh.. But the fashion not bad you know.. all the type that advertised on FB.. HK and Korean style.. mahal.. ~.@

1 thing so dangerous while walking in HK town.. construction in progress at night and you will see this almost every corner.. (A crane pulling up mirrors).. kalau terlepas.. oh gosh..

Up up and away...


Mabel Low said...

Wow! They could just sell stuff like that on the streets? Cool. No sales??

CathJ said...

No sales la Mabel.. I think buying in Msia is cheaper.. :D

CathJ said...

err... the stall stuff not the Coach ya.. ;-p

UmmiRosma said...

wah...the crane is pulling the mirrors???? aduiiii...*goosebumps*