Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HK Disneyland (Tomorrowland)_P.2

Continue the tomorrowland story..

After the panic moment lost my boy (Read previous entry).. We saw Buzz light year are available for photo session.. when we try to line up.. the staff said, the time is up and they will only return for photo session after 30minutes..

Poor little boy.. tengok2 dari jauh saja.. He merajuk lagi.. ~.@. This is the main reason why he wanted to come to Disneyland.. to meet Buzz.. instead of Mickey and the geng.. *sigh*

Thank God.. we saw this.. at least ubat sikit his merajuk.. ;-p.

Inside.. Nah!! ambik!! Buzz everywhere.. this is the talking and moving Buzz.. introducing what we gonna do inside..

We are going for a ride (Slow ride.. Best!! hihi).. We are going to help Buzz to fight all the other Alien inside.. ;-p

Some blur pic taken during the ride.. -_-

Another 1.. I was like shooting (Yeah.. we have 'gun' ;-p) the Alien and taking photo and video on the same time... Duh!!

Watch the short vid during our ride.. hihihi..

When we are done.. just nice to line up to wait for Buzz and take photo with him.. We are the 1st group who wait there.. ;-p

Buzz was communicating with my boy.. with his sign language.. ;-p

My boy most happy moment!! at last he can take photo with Buzz... He said 'Wah!! Mummy.. Buzz tall like daddy..' o.O

Psst.. Pls ignore mummy socks.. ;-p.. kaki blister (Maklum lah kasut baru.. time preggy kaki membesar)

Only 2 photo of night view on tomorrowland.. ^_^

Sudah jumpa Buzz... tiba2 jadi kuat.. boleh angkat 1 planet.. ;-p ;-p

End of Tomorrowland.. next to Fantasy land.


Reanaclaire said...

wahhh..from singapore Universal and now HK disneyland!!

Mimi said...

Enjoy your son tengok Buzz! hehehe

KenMAHD said...

sa pun x kenal sepa buzz ni..rupanya cartoon character :)