Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hong Kong Last Post

Closing on my HK trip.. ^_^

On our last day.. not much interesting activity.. just follow our tour to normal tour like visiting their jewelry factory.. herbs and so on..


Not much to see.. unless you are interesting to buy some.. I just don't have a mood to shop.. ;-p

Next.. visiting their beach.. Claimed to be the best beach in HK..

Seems HK is a very small island.. their beach are limited.. and this is the best lah konon ni.. ~.@

Nah.. even Jackie Chan's house build on top of the beach.. ^_^

It was a hot day (But chill).. so we don't really go out to enjoy their beach (Lagi pun.. beach kitalagi lawa.. ;-p)

We actually supposed to go for our last visit to the herb shop, but my boy crying.. tired.. LOL.. So we ended our tour with our guide.. we went back to hotel to rest.

At night plan to do small shopping.. Unfortunately it was toooo packed!!!! I hate to shop in that situation.. -_-

So just take picture around.. Don't really take lot of pic too.. coz their seller are not so polite.. hish.. Some will give 1 kind of faces if you trying to take pic on their items.

Ini pun.. kita main zoom saja.. ;-p

Urghhh... to crowded.. lebih baik balik hotel.. -_-

Before balik hotel.. trying last meal that night.. The taste was sucks!! I can feel a chemical taste on the mee... eeuuww...

I have to share with hubby his food...

Lastly.. just showing how their ice here.. hehehhe... bulat2... kiutttt....

End my Hong Kong Post...

Next time I come here.. just visiting the Disneyland with kids... that's all.. ^_^

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StellaClaire-Richard said...

duii..punya crowded and the food tidak sedap?..

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Dulu kami pigi di down town HK pun begitu, terlampau banyak orang.