Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Grand Lexis Port Dickson 2011

(Part 1)
Hubby's company was organizing a company trip for all their staff. Most of the time I am lazy to join this kind of trip.. ;-p.. Well depends on locations.
This time they having it at the Grand Lexis PD.. I always browse about it on the net before giving a confirmation to the hubby.. I find out it's a nice place.. and near.. So me and the kids joined..

My friend CatLim mentioned to me that this place was called as The Water Legend before.. Mmm.. so many resort in PD changing their names now a days..

So.. This was my 1st time visiting this place.. I am sure not gonna be the last too.. ^_^. This place became our fav short distance vacation now.

The lobby area. Deepavali celebration is coming so this is their decoration..

Got our keys and we are heading to our room.. Using the Buggy.. My boy's fav 'toy'.. ~.@.. But sorry cannot play with it ya.. hihi..

This was our room.. the 1st room on left for the bro in laws.. and next was ours.. my mother and father in law staying a little bit further.. I guess it's quite packed that weekends.
Continue more pics soon.. I have to do editing and so many things to do too.. I haven't send all the Sept birthday prezzies and my giveaway prizes too.. yaiks.. have to do it soon... sorry ladies for waiting.

(Part 2)
During our stays here.. we are having the Premium Pool Villa (If I am not mistaken.. Booked by staff.. so I am not so sure.. looks almost the same with the executive pool villa).

The bed is comfortable for us.. 2 king size beds.. Nice... ^_^

With  a small dry kitchen.. and all the way to the bathroom and toilet..

I like this 3 area separated.. the only problem is the toilet a little bit far from the bedroom.. a problem to my boy.. but I am proud that he can handle that.. ^_^

This is the best part of the villa..

Your own pool.. it is 4meter depth.. Having fun with my family here.. well if hubby got telematch with all the staff.. me and my boy will have fun here.. haha.. of coz have to wait until the little 1 slept 1st.. ;-p.
There was this 1 night I plan to swim alone at night.. Hubby and my boy was out, baby was sleeping. The light was deem.. I suppose to felt romantic when swimming.. unfortunately my mind keep on thinking all the bad horror movies.. even my own hair freak me out.. LOL.. I quickly went up and closed all the door and window and sleep.. what a waste! LOL.. (Guntalow.. ;-p)

You can even jump from the kitchen or toilet window.. hihi.. Well we never did that.. (Except hubby.. ;-p.. bedebass air mcm ada gajah jatuh.. hor..hor..hor)

(Part 3)
More photos from my lens around the Resort.. Hope you like it.. ^_^

We are staying here..

There is a SPA.. but I don't have the opportunity to try it on this trip.. The high white building is the hotel room without private pool..

Walking towards the most expensive villas here.. 1k pernight.. :s

Pool area for everyone..

A picture of the Villas during low tide.. and another photos of the pool.

A pic of my boy.. merajuk... he wanted to swim at the children's pool.. well that on my next post.. ^_^

(Part 4)
All about the boys.. especially my big boy.. Let him play water until all skin become like 'prune'.. ^_^
Baby.. this one for you.. Mummy don't talk much.. ;-p


His little brother can only laugh looking at his big brother swim and playing with water, for now.. next time you both go for swim together ya.. I think include Mommy daddy ;-p..

My big boy totally have a blast.. I am glad that he didn't catch cold.. ~.@

Lastly.. our messy room.. hikss... (Actually testing my 3rd party wide angle lens.. ^_^)

End Of the vacation story.. :)

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