Sunday, January 19, 2014

And The Journey Begin.. Part3

We got our vehicle and we started our journey. The first thing we desperately need to do was eat! We not sure where to go so me as the co-pilot trust the GPS to look for food. 

My GPS can't be trusted by the way! Haha.. it brought us to a restaurant that already not in business anymore and the worst part it guide us to the smallest shop which located at the housing area where Motorhomes are not allowed to enter.. o.O

Make story short.. My hubby made his 1st accident here.. :-p

The road to the shop a little bit slope. Our vehicle is longggggg... and when my hubby drove up the bump touched the road.. and when we think it's not a good idea too park there we decided to reverse and there you go.. It touched the road even more and that was quite a bad accident.. Thank God the bumper is quite strong and it did not fell off.. phieww.. (Covered by insurance.. ;-p)

So along the way.. We finally found a place to eat.. I forgot what the place name.. but at least we got something to eat and some groceries for us to cook later.. I have kitchen on board yey! So tempted to bake too haha.. but I didn't  ;-p

After food.. we started our journey right away.. We travel from Hobart heading to Launceston. Along the way we passes and stopped at some of the towns. Our journey started around 11am?

Our 1st town will be Oatlands town.. when we started our journey from Hobart.. These are the sceneries we passed by.. I love the field of the white flowers.. It's Poppies..

The roads in TAS reminds me a lot about New Zealand.. Oh I miss NZ.. 

As a flowers lover.. these are heaven to me.. I just wish I can go and roll myself there.. haha.. As in Perth.. you will see lot's of Yellow field of flowers.. but in TAS it's all in white and looks like snow! Beautiful!!

The scenery while we on board.. The hubby as our pilot.. :)

My parents just cannot take it.. actually my mom.. haha.. wanted to take a photo with the scenery.. My dad been forced lol.. But knowing this is a once in a life time moment.. he go for it..

Another pic of them..

Next will be some pictures of sceneries..





A white field of Poppy flowers from distance..



It's a Lhama..



We Finally reached our 1st stopped.. Oatlands town.. continue on my next post..


Iriene said...

Tasmania? Heard it is quite pricey to fly there. Any direct flight from KL? Thanks for the beautiful photos, enjoyed everyone one of it. Thanks for sharing :)

CathJ said...

Hi iriene.. No direct flight from kl to Tas.. Have to stop at melbourne and take another flight from mel-tas.. :)