Thursday, August 27, 2015

Taman Safari Jakarta Part1

It's Summer Holiday for the kids. Daddy wanted us to follow him to Jakarta this time. Will be staying for a month this time.

During the Merdeka day for Jakarta we planned to go to the Thousand Island. Unfortunately it's already fully book so I have to go for plan B.

Happy that managed to have an empty room at 1 of the resort at Puncak (Cold place). So we decided to go for Novus Giri Resort & Spa for 2 nights.

We woke up early and make a move at 6am to try to avoid for the road closing at Puncak. Check about it HERE. (Unfortunately they closed the road going up to Puncak earlier from scheduled)

We are glad we still able to make a U-turn after a kind man told us there was an alternative way to avoid the jam. We did not know it was a kampong road, hills and small road. We pass thru few villages. It was a nice experience tho.

Along the way.. we have to give some sort of 'Tol' to almost every corner we pass thru. Haha.. the villages people will stop your car to ask some money.. they not forcing. It's just depends on you want to give or not. (It's a good way to clear off all the coins hihi.. they accepted any amount.. no pressure. until we run out of it and just pass by and only have to put up the hand to show respect and sorry we have run out of coins :p)

We actually never planned for Taman safari. But the place was along the way. Looking at the time showing the road closing is not open yet, we decided to drop by Taman Safari and it was the best decision. We have so much fun!

Taman safari jakarta
Before entering Taman Safari.. Do stop by at the Fruits market. Buy some carrots to feed the animals. I did not read any reviews before visiting the Safari and we missed the moment to feed the animals :(.

Taman Safari Jakarta
Reached our unplanned destination. Buying tickets. All information about this place, please click HERE.

The hubby was driving.. we need to use vehicle to visit this huge safari.. I love the close and personal experience with the animals.. and feeling sorry that the animals exposed to all the car engines smells from all the vehicles that stopping by to visit and feeding them. NOT allowed to step down from your vehicle.

I am happy to see my kids happy faces all along the way.. It's a fun moment for us.. unfortunately we do not have any carrots to feed the animals personally from the window like others do.. :(



Sometimes the animals will put their head inside the car hopping to be fed.. haha..

Some part of the safari we are not allowed to wind down the car window.. it was awesome seeing the lions walk over the street in front of us.


Taman safari jakarta
We love the way they did the safari 'interior'.. almost real. Felt like we are at somewhere in the lost world.

Taman safari jakarta


It was a fun moment for us and the kids.. Hubby said Taman Safari Jakarta is better than Singapore Safari.. and I agree with that.. Don't get me wrong, I love Singapore Safari too but Jakarta's is something else.. especially how it makes us feels like really driving thru the lost world.. :D

This is not the end of it.. Taman Safari have play ground and wet land also.. will blog about it next.

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