Sunday, December 28, 2008

AFamosa Resort Malacca 08

On the 26th Dec 08, we start our journey to Malacca at about 11 am and we reach like almost 1pm (We missed the turning to Afamosa.. So be aware! Otherwise have to make U turn on the Tol plaza..Very far lehhhh...some more have to pay!)

We pay about RM138(Peak season) for adult and for kids with height of 3 feet and above will only need to pay for entrance fees (For the show).

We stay at the condo D'SAVOY (Tingkat 21, room 31....)

1st room with 2 queen size bed + bathroom.

2nd room, 2 singles.. no bathroom... the bathroom is outside..

Dining area..

Living Room..

View from balcony.. nice!

From Kitchen to dining area..

Wet Kitchen to dry kitchen..

You all know what is this... Just showing you all..they have heater and all in ok conditions. ;-p

This is the place..Too high not able to take until above.. ;-)

Ok..we managed to keep all our stuff about 1.45pm.. Without wasting any time, we drive to the animal land to catch our 1st show which going to be start at 2.15pm.

The entrance..

Get your Tag from this counter 1st..

Then line up to enter..

The workers will stick the tag band on your wrist..

1st Show... The Cowboy Show.. We were late about 5-10 minutes..

Feedback on show: Funny..Kids like it.. Good stunt(Actor dare to fall from high level)..but the sound not soo clear, can't really catch up what they are talking.. beware with all the explotion during the scene.. and watch out for the water splash (for them who seat infront ;-p)

NOTE: I have some video clip on the show...will update later..

Next.. heading to the Animal show start at 3pm..
No time to jalan2.. will need to go and find the place otherwise no seat.. ;-p
along the way from 1 show to another, you can see few animals around.

My son say this is a 'horse'....oohh dear...need more tuition.. :->


Anies Azeera said...

Waah.. so enjoy oh your Melaka trip Cath, macam saya pun titi pigi o...saya mau tingu itu Cowboy show macam interesting...

Thanks for sharing eh.

CathJ said... bawa anak2.. sure enjoy...the nite cowboy town paling best..ada fireworks..very nice..