Thursday, December 25, 2008

Indoor Theme Park (Genting Highland) (3)

Indoor theme park ..'Venice Gondola'..

Have to line up..

That is an 'artificial boat man'... ;-p Slow ride with music..

I love all the Christmas decor all over the water.. x-)

Dinner time, eat some simple dish.. Wahh laparrr nyaaa...

Last activity..go to the Snow World.. No camera allowed, so have to ask the snow world camera man to take.. I just ask for 1 shot only, sometimes they will suggest to take here and there and you will ended with paying few $$ on the photo (Not cheap you knoww..), yes you can choose...but I bet you won't resist to take all of them.. to avoid from fall into this temptation, this is how I do.. 1 photo shot on 1 background only..than I will say 'STOP..' unless the camera man say '1 more time...not clear'..... ;-p

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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