Sunday, December 21, 2008

TGIF Restaurant

Yesterday went to IKEA again to buy a large mirror for our bath room.

Take another great picture of Christmas decorations.. ;-p

Note: errrr.. I dun knw anybody on the photo ya.. I just take the decoration photo.. :)

Dinner, visit the TGIF (Thank God Its Friday restaurant). The Decoration at nite was so awesome.

Before our order come, my son already make a mess.. Geee thats a delicious chocolate drinks!!

Chesse pasta ball.. nyam..

Inside the restaurat was very cozzy

The antique decor

The Bar.. *wink*

My Dinner, 'new york steak' not like what I expected.. last time order this, it comes with full set, but now.. they let you choose any 1 side dish only.. =(

My hubby order this (Beside the ceaser salad).. The chicken taste sour and not a fan of it..

My dessert.. 'Malt chocolate cake'... kind of dry.. not up to my expectation.. =(

And the bill... *gulp..*

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