Thursday, December 25, 2008

Out-door Theme Park_Genting highland

More rides!!

Fun Fairr..

Clown everywhere..

Clowns giving out baloons..

'Flying Jumbo'

Astro fighter mom and dad...What the hack! Naik saja 'bahhhhh'...LOL..


My sis and son at the back..LOL..

'Tea cup'


Going up the hill.. 'Free fall' or space shot..


Actually we plan not to go, coz soo tired walking already... but we saw there is a cave there, so we give a shot... advise to go... tak pergi rugiiii.....want to see moving Giant Dino in the dark?? than you must go here!

The entrance

Must take the boat to enjoy the dino thrill..

This is not the one I am talking about...

Going side the cave..

It's like inside the 'anaconda' scene..

Bad is very dark...not so clear with camera.. You will need to go there and experience it yourself!!!!

VIDEO.. is dark...I told you... You have to experience it your self.. Not soo thrill but fun.. ;-)

Outside already...

Going inside for the in-door theme park..

Mmmm...we almost have the same size... LOL...

End of the Out door theme park...


Mouren said...

The last time I went to Genting Theme Park was on year 2000. It was a great experience! Hope I manage to come there next year during my graduation somwhere month of June 2009!

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

wow enjoy juga kamu eh

CHINA DOLL said...

Wow... last i pigi Genting tahun 2001... banyak betul perubahan. Nanti mau pigi la.. best pulak tengok gambar2 mu. Siok nya...

CathJ said... byk yg baru...kena experience the Dinosour land.. dalam gelap2 tiba2 ada kepala BESARRRRRR with gigi BESARRRRRR mengaum2 di belakang kau....menangis budak2!LOL...LOL...(eh jahatnya saya)..