Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 2_Chiang Mai Trade mark Temple

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After Visiting the 'Popply Flower Village' we went to visit the Trade mark temple for Chiang Mai. It was just down the hill from the Poppy area.

My hub and family comes here to visit and pray... as for me, I just visiting and taking beautiful scenery of this temple.

Mr. Tommy buying tickets for us.. Ohh soo nice...all arranged by our tour guide...

We will use the cable car to go up.. You can also climb a stairs.. but forget about it.. Too high!!

Line up students... ;-p

Inside the cable car.. View going up..

When we reach on top... This is the 1st view I saw.. another King's poetret..

Ok.. Hubby and family doing their prayers (Which guide by Mr. Tommy).. So me and son.. Pusing2 take photo.. This on progress temple is made by GOLD!! Woww... They soo reach!

At the back of the temple u can see this view.. quite blurr.. due to haze or cloud? I am not sure..

Wierd tree.. Jack fruit.. can u spot the fruit?? Never see jack fruit tree this huge..

Hoh woww... Gold tree... I want to plant this at home.. LOL.. ;-p

Something attrack my attention.. This cute bell.. hangging all over the place..

I notice there is a name on every bell..

See? Did your name shows here? ;-p

Hang all over the place.. May be for luck.. I don't know.. The bell sell at RM30..

3 men doing the temple.. This is GOLD!!!!

Hub done his prayers..

ketuk lonceng..

This stairs which I was talking about.. If don't want follow cable car, use this.. I go down with cable car as well.. My BROIL using this stairs..


Wah... so many selling these..

I spotted this 'can cap'.. who dare to wear this??? Adalah botak separuh kepala gara2 hangus kepanasan oleh tin cola.. LOL..


SyazReA said...

wah, holiday lg... syoknye dia... enjoy...!

Cherish Tulips said...

Sana pulak kau menghilang diri for the past 1 week..I went to Cambodia and visited that same temple 2 years ago...but lost all the photos that I took as hubby accidentally deleted them from the laptop!!

CathJ said...

Wah...lost photo? It happens to me on some of my previous Vacation.. before I having my blog... now, once I have the photo..direct to my blog (Hopefully this blog won't expired or something..)

J.H said...

hi Cath,
Wow, so I met someone who loves travelling as well. Your pictures makes me missed thailand so much, those shopping spree, nice food, and don't start about the beach... nothing in UK is close to it!

CathJ said...

Hi J.H.. Thanks for visiting me.. ;-)