Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 2_Poppy Flowers Village (Chiang Mai)

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Day 2 at Chiang Mai.. We have to wake up as early as 6 am.. Having our bfast and shoot to our next tour.. The beautiful 'Poppy flower Village'..

It is a must go place.. I treasure this memory so much!

1st half way we go by our tour bus and later have to use this pick-up vehicle..
The journey is towards the mountain.. very stiff oooohh...

Skip with the road journey.. We reach the place..

It was very cold! I can feels my hand like freezing..

Loves all the village house

I loves all the flowers!!!! Beautiful!!! O..M...G!!

MIL with my boy..

Beautiful 'deadly' poppy.. We cannot bring this flower out from country.. coz you can make 'drugs' from this.. poisoning flower too..

See all the green bud.. thats where u can get the poisoning liquid

This is not poppy.. this is just any other flower which grow there.. LOL..

Ada orang kepenatan naik bukit.. LOL..

Some photo of the orang asli house..

Some of the orang asli kids.. I ask my son to join them.. Soo cutee!

After taking photo, I gave them some $$.. 200 thai bhat (RM2) each person.. berebuttt!!!

Wu huuuu.... Real one u knwww....

Done with the poppy flowers and visiting their house.. It is time to go back.. You will see lots of souvenirs stall all along the way!

Ini yg problem ni.. my son keep on minta dukung.. Patah pinggang!

a lady bertunkus rumus menjahit! Cha yow-Cha Yow!! (Bah mourenJ.. hehhehe)

Going back towards down hill..

Hand made craft... Nice!

Thirsty... Drink Thai coconut.. Yummy...

Some unique cabbages (For me.. )

Cute kan? Cucuk sanggul.. I bought 1 for me.. :-p

Pisang Bakar (Roasted banana)

My son with my 'Tuo-Ku'.. My MIL bro..

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CHINA DOLL said...

Cath... banyaknya tu batu yg ber-bling-bling... geramnya akuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

CathJ said...

Hahahaha... aku pun gerammm... nasib 'budget ketat' kalau tidak saya sapu semua masuk poket.. sapu mcm sapu nasi dari meja... LOL...!