Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 4 (Closing)_Highest Hotspring In Thailand (Chiang Mai)

Chiang Mai (28th Jan-1 Feb 09)

On the 4 day we planned to go to Chiang Rai and have a short tour to Laos. Unfortunately we only reach at the Highest hotspring in Thailand (1 of the stop point into Chiang Rai) due to my FatherIL was not feeling well that time. It is good that we did not continue the journey, bcoz situation get worst after that. But after treatment on hospital, everything is fine. Thank God!

Will visit Chiang Rai on other tour, next time..

The Highest Hotspring in Thailand

Boiling eggs..

Eggs for sell..

Ok... Thats all about Chiang Mai.. Next day time to go home..

Day 5 - Home!

Another 1 hour boarding.. pple already queing up.. But now, Airasia let u pick a seat! But need to pay for hot seat.. pay like the express boarding.. aduiiiii................

Ok.. at home.. This is all what I bought.. Most of them are for family and friends.. I think ada RM650++ juga lah on shopping.. (Not included the bling2 from diamond and crystal factory.. ) Trying hard to stay on budget.. ;-p

I am happy with my trip.. Next tour?? Under planning.. ;-D

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