Thursday, March 12, 2009

BALI_Volcano at Batur, Kintamani (Day 2)

Today went to Hospital for my son's jap (Hepatitis A for 2 1/2 year) Unfortunately the BRITANIA hospital is closed today celebrating Dr.Tan's Twins(boy and girl) baby full moon.. and they are celebrating the 1st grandson in his family as well... Congratulations to you Dr.Tan and wife!!


Ok.. back to my Bali Trip.. I am a bit disapointed during this tour bcoz it was raining and we can't really see the volcano.. But I am not soo sad because I visited this place before during my 2004 Bali tour.

Having our lunch outside.. cooling place... NICE!

Our lunch that afternoon..

Inside the restaurant..

Pple bz taking food.. I am bz with my photo.. ;-p

My portion that afternoon..

The rain forest..

Volcano peak, covered with cloud.. :-(

Eeek...whats wrong with you both eyes???

The restaurant..


Mmm... How come sooo small ah?? Last time I visit here, The Volcano looks huge!!

Seeee??...... (This is my 2004 Bali Vacation)



Mmm... I forgot to post this photo on my 2004 Bali Vacation lah.. *scratch head*..

Continue with 2009 Tour...

Some souvenirs selling outside the restaurant.. Pity them jerit2 minta beli... but what to do, I don't need most of them.. My son managed to get a wood carving motorbike (Itu pun anak memaksa beli... coz he a fan of motorbike also..) but belum sampai 15minutes...the bike sudah rosak.. >:-x

Soo... Pandai2 lah bargain2.... They sometimes can say a 'fake price'... They will say rm1 for a huge beautiful item... I almost tempted... but my hubby say, don't trust.. when you want them already, they will changed the price... and there goes you have to bargain and fighting for best price.... *headache*.......


Anies Azeera said...

Cath, I like the gambar 2004 - u and your hubby with the volcano background.

Thanks for sharing your Bali vacation. Maklumatnya berguna amat mbak.

wendi said...

cj u look slim . . . on 2004 ^_^

Mummy Gwen said...

So many posts of your Bali trip till I can't keep up lah..hehe. Wah...envy nya..hehe. So sorry the weather was not on your side that day. :P

Caterina said...

the restaurant that i ate there the last time looks the same as the one in your pic... sama kot..

violetmay said...

Did the ladies there beg you to buy things from them?
Ooh gosh I still remember the scene ;)))