Tuesday, April 14, 2009

*My MIL bday Dinner

Celebrate MIL bday at Mid Valley.. Japanese restaurant (Non-halal). Forgot the name..silly me! Actually I did not forgot but I really2 did not look for the name.. ;-p (On diet kan.. soo hungry, never borther already)

Love how they arrange all the box (Of Sake).. This photo is my 1st trial of using my new camera.. ;-p

Hubby order this.. ;-p

FIL meal..

Mine.. Fish.. (I hate the plate..can't differentiate the fish and plate..lol)

..and salads only.. The salad's dressing was a mixture with wasabe !! Adoiii... pedasss nya... not pedas on my tongue but on my nose!!!! T_T ... but hungry...habis juga...

Another trial using my camera..


wendi said...

cj, chicken teriyaki? u tidak try ke? alaaa.. langgar diet skijap ok ba tu hehee

CathJ said...

No thanks... ;-p

Unknown said...

cool ya ur new gadget hehehe